Subj:  Answers
Date:  9/15/97 6:37:16 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Ron, how do you answer the very credible argument that you and Brannon
Braga are fine television writers, but are simply unable to execute an
effective screenplay?  Neither film holds up when the writing is scrutinized.
 You have written some of the loveliest pieces of TNG, and yet "Generations"
is a tragic mess full of writing 101 errors.  "First Contact" is better, but
only slightly.  What happened?  And when are the two of you finally going to
go boldly where you've never been before--into an arena without a fan base
that guarantees an audience.  It's a cold universe outside of the bubble.
 Someday you're going to have to see if you can do it without the Star Trek
name on top. >>

I wasn't aware that I had to answer to some "credible argument" regarding my
writing skills.  Have I been charged or something?  Is my Guild card about to
be yanked?  If so, I assume there's a long line ahead of me.

I like the script for "First Contact."  I think we did a good job and
delivered an effective screenplay that accomplished almost everything we set
out to do.  (I also happen to like the "inconsistent tone" you refer to --
God forbid we mix comedy, drama, and action plotlines in a single movie.  And
above all else Lord, save us from anything resembling "t.v." in feature
films!  What's the world coming to!!)  I like "Generations" too, but I don't
think it's nearly as strong as FC or that everything in it works.  I did the
best job I could on both scripts and don't particularly feel that I have
anything to apologize for or defend against some "credible" argument.  The
movies speak for themselves.  You don't like my work, don't hire me.

As far as non-Trek projects are concerned, I'll leave here when I'm darned
good and ready.  What, do you need my parking space or something?  No kidding
it's a cold world outside of Trek -- so why should I rush outside when I'm
still enjoying myself in here where it's nice and toasty warm?  I like DS9,
think it's allowed me to do some of my very best work, and want to keep doing
it for the foreseeable future.  

And finally, I guess I missed the lastest issue of "Writers and What the
Industry Thinks of Them," because I was unaware of my current low ranking.  I
guess all the idiot writers who've told me how much they enjoyed FC must not
have read it either.   I will contact the subsciption department and get new
copies sent immediately.  

<<How does one go about auditioning for a role on Star Trek?>>

First and foremost, you need an agent.  Your agent (if they're a credible
one) receives notices from our casting department about what roles we're
looking to fill on an episode, then your agent tries to submit you for the

<<The fact that [Worf and Dax] are going to tie the knot really disturbs me.
These two characters have absolutely no chemistry together. >>

That's where we disagree.  We started writing this relationship precisely
because of the chemistry that we saw on camera between Terry and Michael.
  Marrying them seemed to be the right choice because it was true to the
characters and it would add a new element to the show.  I think it'll work.

<<Will Worf and Dax get married?  I hope so because then Troi can visit!>>

Dear Brittz, 
Worf and Dax will be getting married, but I'm sorry to say that Troi won't be
there for the wedding.  Maybe someday she'll visit the station, but not
anytime soon.   I hope you get access to AOL after your auntie moves away!
 If not, take care and thanks for watching the show.

<<Alas, we mourn the passing of Mark Altman's Sci Fi Universe.>>

*We* do?  Was that in the Fall issue of "Magazines that All Writers Should
Respect and Admire"?  I must've missed that one too.  I'll have a talk with
my postman.
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