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Date:  9/29/97 6:04:30 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<< Is there any point in someone submitting an "improved" version of a script
that is already in the process for consideration?>>

I believe this is not allowed under our current guidelines.  You get one
chance with each script and there's no way to send in an "improved" version.

<<I am wondering with both O'Brien and Garek on the defient are we going to
see any relmafications(?) from what happend on empok nor at all during the
next 6 ep???? Also anyone else besides Sisko going to get a promotion from
this war, like maybe O'Brien?>>

The events on Empok Nor are brought up during the second episode and there
will be other fallout from that show later in the season.  No other
promotions are planned for the regular cast at the moment.

<< The "budget" is pretty much irrelevant to continuity issues.  Assuming
that we are talking about the script stage and not when one is on the floor,
it really costs nothing more to type:

So who brought her out of mothballs to get me?>>

If I was clairvoyant this would've been useful, but since "Relics" preceded
"Generations" by a full year, it was a little hard to anticipate the later
continuity problem.  If you simply must have an explanation, Scotty was
confused after being in a transporter beam for so long.  I fail to see why
that is insufficient.

<<Are there any cut scenes from First Contact?>>

No, just nips and tucks from existing footage.

<< If there was one line or one plot idea that you could have changed in DS9,
what would it be?>>

Off the top of my head -- I would've kept Odo as a solid for a lot longer.

<<What about my hologram stuff? You never answered it>>

Please repost the question.

<< How come ya'll wimped out?  Why didn't we get an explanation of the
saggital crests on the "new" Klingons in "Trials and Tribbilations"?  For
that matter, how did Koloth come by them?>>

I do not speak of it with outsiders.

<<Gene and religion>>

Can't seem to find the question from #29, but somebody said something to the
effect that Gene had softened his stance on there being no contemporary
religions on Earth in the 24th century and that TOS has a reference to the
"one God" being quite suffcient.  Whatever Gene may have felt in the 1960s, I
can tell you from personal knowledge that Gene was very much a secular
humanist (somewhere out there Jerry Falwell shudders at the mere words) in
his later years and felt very strongly that human religions had vanished by
the time of TNG.  Again, this was a very important part of the Trek universe
to Gene and we have tried not to violate it regardless of how we may
personally feel about this view.

<<Why was Spot given a sex change??!!>>

This was an ill-considered move.  I'll admit that at the time I didn't raise
an objection to it, but on reflection is was something that we could've
avoided.  Mea culpa.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  9/29/97 6:29:22 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<It might seem exceptionally cool on the surface that you had a military JAG
make a decision that imprisoned a civilian, and it might have seemed like a
real idea to have a Klingon advocate testify in a case he was trying, but
those things involve really bad law.  >>

Whatever.  Look, I'm not writing LA Law, I'm not advocating some changes in
our judicial system, and while I guess this kind of thing can ruin the
enjoyment of an episode for some members of the legal profession, I find it
hard to get worked up over this subject.  The Trek universe has established
certain things and one of them is a legal system that is clearly different
from our own in many ways.  Having Picard represent Data in a hearing where
he has a personal history with the presiding judge and where his own first
officer is the adversarial counsel doesn't make a lot of sense to me either,
but "Measure of a Man" is still one of the very best TNG episodes.  "Rules of
Engagement" was about responsibility and command and I was willing to invent
legal procedures in a fictional setting to tell the tale.  In "Dr. Bashir" I
had the JAG deal with the plea bargain because we've never seen any form of
judicial forum in the UFP that isn't Starfleet related.   Your arguments
about the military and civilian legal issues obviously make sense, but Trek
has said time and again that Starfleet is more than just a military entity
and seems to have police and/or judicial functions, so the involvement of the
JAG seemed plausible.  Now if you strenously object to that, I see no reason
that you cannot say, "Well, the JAG had to then go and confer with the
Federation Attorney General."

<<Do all the Weyoun clones have the knowledge and experience of their
previous owners? If so, then wouldn't this be more like the concept of
resurrection? >>

This is our assumption at the moment and it does raise the very question you'v
e asked.  We haven't explored this subject in detail yet.

<<What are the variables involved in the possibility of adding an additional
seaon of ST:DS9?>>

Salaries and other production costs versus possible advertising revenue and
licensing fees, the value of a seven year syndication package over a six year
package, the interests of the affiliates to purchase another year, the effect
on the overall franchise, merchandising concerns -- a lot of issues to deal

<<What is your personal opinion about taking pitches from outside "Unagented
Writers" and would you continue this policy if it were solely up to you?>>

I'll avoid this question for now.  The final decision hasn't been made, but
I've made my position known within the studio.

<<Are there any Trek shows in the making after Voyager and DS9?>>

Not that I know of.

<<How does one get a press release kit for DS9?>>

I don't know.  Maybe you could write to our publicity department here at
Paramount and ask.

<< I saw the first advertisements for Roddenberry's Earth...starts here on
Oct. 18...:D  My question is .... do you know the staff on that show too, do
they work with you guys?>>

That show is not based here at Paramount and I know virtually nothing about
it and don't know anyone working on it (except Majel, of course).

<<A Time to Stand>>

Could everyone wait a week or so before asking further questions on this

<<Has there been any talk of doing another Iconian episode? >>

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