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Date:  10/7/97 11:16:09 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Do you know how many fleets the Federation has?>>

We haven't nailed this down (and don't intend to) but we've established at
least a Ninth Fleet which could imply eight others.

<<Is the 7th fleet the one protecting Earth?>>

In the fifth episode ("Favor the Bold")  we refer to the Third Fleet
protecting Earth.

<<How do you know what quadrant is what???   Alpha to ???  Is there some map
for me to check that you all go by that would give me a mental image of how
the system works?  Or is this all just made up from scratch?>>

We keep ball-park guesstimates as to where everything is and but don't have a
master map of the galaxy sitting around.  Mike Okuda generally lets us know
if we say something that's off-base.

<<Thats what ron and everyone at DS9 should do. Decide what everyone is doing
now, and what they will do in the future, and make all that fit with the
past. >>

I don't want to work this way.  I like making it up as we go along -- it
allows more freedom to tell stories and we don't get locked into directions
that we don't like.  It's fine for Babylon 5 do it that way, but it's not for

<<Did the Vulcan ship in FC have warp drive or not? >>

Our belief was that the Vulcans did have some type of faster-than-light
engine on their ship.  Whether or not this was "warp drive" is open to
debate.  Certainly Cochrane is credited with the invention of warp drive as
we know it in Trek, so we could assume that the Vulcans were using something
else -- possibly a variant of the contained singularity used by the Romulans.
 That might've been a much more dangerous and inefficient technology which
was quickly abandoned by most of the galaxy when Cochrane's system was
introduced.  But that's all just speculation.

<<He's Lord and Master of an entire empire, and he's putzing around this
derilict station, flirting with Kira, playing with Sisko's baseball... hey,
doesn't he have other things to do?  What exactly is so attractive about
Bajor and Terok Nor that Dukat has obsessed over it for five years, and is
still obsessing?>>

Dukat's interest/obsession with Bajor and Terok Nor is something that we'll
be exploring in the next few episodes.  I think it's fair to say that Dukat
has never quite gotten over having to give up Terok Nor to Sisko way back in
the pilot and now that he's back, he wants to stay.  Also, he has unfinished
business with the Bajorans.  

<<Ron, I was looking through some of the sketches from "Best of Both Worlds."
 They mentioned something about Picard having to have a bionic arm because
the Borg cut off his (like in FC).  It showed that Data was orginally
supposed to break the whole arm off of Locutus.  But from what I saw in "BOBW
II" it didn't seem like he had one and it was never mentioned.  So my
question is, does Picard have a bionic arm or did they save his?>>

I lobbied for giving Picard a permanent bionic arm, but Rick and Michael
wouldn't go for it.  Picard's arm is his own.

<<Will the war continue to go so badly or will things pick up for the
Federation? >>

Don't want to give that away.

<<Was the ship towing the Excelsior class in the opening sequence Federation
or Klingon? >>

Federation I believe.

<<In the opening sequence there were ships that looked liked the Marquis
ships.  Are these the same models or are they supposed to be a new class of
ship? I was very impressed by the number of new ships in ATTS.  Will we see
any of these up close?  Are there any names or classes for these ships?  Are
any of them models or are they all CGI? >>

I'm not sure about most of this.  The VFX guys may know the answers, but I
haven't had this kind of detailed conversation with them about that specific

<<There's been talk of Sisko being promoted.  If this is true, what else
could he be promoted to other than Admiral?>>

He'll become the Adjutant to another Admiral.  Most of your other questions I
either don't have the answers to or I shouldn't give them away just yet.
 Sorry about that.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  10/7/97 11:37:32 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Remember that little cube that Picard and co. stored the Moriarity program
in at the end of that episode?  What I want to know is -- what ever happened
to it?  Is it still around somewhere?>>

Hmm.  The cube... now where did we leave that.... Oh my God!  WHERE'S THE
CUBE!!!!  He might be on the loose again!!!

<< <B5 doesn't have to deal with over 30 years of TV shows and movies,>
Actually, technically, neither does ST.  The original series ran what, three
years?  And then the first movie was made in 1980?  And there are significant
spaces between the movies made.  ST has been "continuous" since ST:tNG
started, since DS9 came into being at the end of it..yes?>>

You may be right, but someone just sent me this little tidbit on the volume
of material we have to grapple with in Trek:

"There have been 452 episodes of Trek as of today (TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY). 
There have been 8 movies.
452 episodes at an average of 60 pages = 27,120 pages of script
8 movies at an average of 110 pages = 880 pages
Total = 28,000 pages of Star Trek script

Assume an average of 220 words per page (at about 1/3 stage directions
and 2/3 dialog)(I counted words on a script)(I know, get a life!), that
would equal
6,160,000 WORDS of official written Star Trek!"

Anyway you slice it, that's a lot of Trek.

<< I am aware you have stated that no TNG cast members will be appearing on
DS9, however I was wondering if we might hear some sort of reference to them?

We don't have any plans to refer to the Enterprise-E or the TNG cast at the

<<Do you remember Simon Jenkins, the head of the former convention company
He used to talk to him when ever I saw him and he told me you and he were
You would`nt know where he is?>>

I do remember Simon, but I haven't heard from him in a couple of years.  I'm
sorry, but I don't know how to contact him.

<<In an earlier episode, it was established that at least one Jem Hadar
soldier had developed a biologic independence from the White. However, it was
never explained why he alone had developed in this way. Do you intend to pick
up this thread?>>

We don't plan to pick up this thread.  The idea was that this one Jem'Hadar's
lack of White dependency was a freak genetic occurence within the Jem'Hadar.

<< it was established that there are a limited number of Changelings on
Earth. Will they be playing any role in the development of the current story?
And what about the Changeling-detector device that was used on Odo -- will
that finally be used to determine who is a Changeling?>>

Both of these subjects are still under discussion.

<< I just watched my copy of FIRST CONTACT, and a question popped into my
head. The date, APRIL 5, was chosen as the day of first contact, and I was
curious if that date had any special meaning?>>

April 5, is my son's birthday.

<<In the scene where Dukat and Kira are talking in the Captains office (Great
scene), I noticed a shadow of a person behind Kira, when her back was to the
door.  Is this a mistake made by the Film Crew, or something that will play
itself out later on??>>

I didn't notice this, so I'll have to look.  If there's someone *outside* the
door, it's probably just a Jem'Hadar guard.

<<Was there any implication in Kira's remark about Dukat "doing something
about [his] breath," indicating that Dukat was more than a little

I think it was just an insult.

<<What was your thinking as to why the Jem 'Hadar raised the security net and
why the bomb went off early?  I think the obvious answer is that they
detected the bomb almost immediately, and by tampering with it set it off
early.  But the crew seems as baffled by this as anyone, and no explanation
is offered up.  Was there one?>>

I would assume that someone tampered with the bomb, but we deliberately left
this unanswered, so it's anyone's guess.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  10/7/97 11:54:08 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<How would you say the rest of the arc compares to "A Time to Stand?">>

The other episodes are very different, but if you liked the beginning, I
think you'll like the rest.

<<Since this is DS9's and any Star Trek's first attempt at a multi-episode
arc (longer then two episodes), are you guys finding it easier to write this
then a one parter where everything has to be taken care of in 45 minutes?>>

It's been a challenge.  We've had to work much more closely as a staff than
we ever did before.  Typically, each writer has a fair amount of leeway when
it comes to translating an approved story outline into an actual script.  I
often deviate from the beat sheet if I feel something's not working or I have
a better idea.  But in this case, that means hurried conferences with
everyone else working on the same story arc and lots of scrambling to make
sure everything is in sync.  It's been a struggle, but a good one and I'm
glad we're doing it.

<<Is that the same Jem'Hadar ship they found in Aclypsoe (sp?) Rising, where
they fought over the ship and the changling died?  Also, I was wondering if
you ever answer my question about why people in the 24th century drink so
much coffee?  I mean by then don't you think they would of found something
better? >>

That was the same vessel they captured in "The Ship."  And I can't imagine
anything better than coffee.

<<Do you think we'll ever see Vice Admiral Nechayev again?>>

I doubt it.

<<There are 2 explosions at the end of  "A Time to Stand", the 2nd one was
the bomb that Sisko & Co. sent down and the 1st one was...?>>

First the bomb went off and then the shield generator was destroyed.

<<Is it my imagination, or has the lighting on the sets become brighter
recently? I noticed it mostly in the scene in Quark's Bar. >>

I don't think the lighting has changed dramatically, but they might've lit
Terok Nor a little differently under Dominion rule.

<<What I really want to know is whether you guys discuss the way people might
really be in that future you create, and make a choice to portray characters
with the sensibilities of this time -- or with the sensibilities you think
they may actually have int he future -- for dramatic or creative purposes?>>

We try to make the characters accessible and "real" in a twentieth century
sort of way.  To our minds the show is a drama that just happens to be set in
the 24th century.  We do try to imbue our Starfleet people with a bit of
Gene's evolved humanity, but to make them perfect is to make them dull (as
TNG veered toward now and then).

<<Wouldn't Picard want Kirk's family to actually be able to have a proper
funeral for him?  Or, for that matter, Starfleet?  I understand the time and
financial drawbacks of showing Kirk's funeral, but just a line tossed in to
explain that at least Kirk got a burial worthy of the captain of the
Enterprise would be worth something.  One of the things I've enjoyed about
the Shatner et al Kirk novels is the fact that Starfleet sent an honor guard
to bring Kirk's body back to earth, even if he "got better" before they
could.  Or am I missing something?  What's your rationale in having Picard
keep the knowledge of Kirk's sacrifice to himself?>>

You're probably right.  I hadn't given this a lot of thought when I said that
Picard probably kept it to himself.  He probably did inform Starfleet

<<I submitted my 1st Voyager script in July 96, got a reply Nov 96. I gave
Lolita my second script at a con in England in Novemeber 96, and I have yet
to hear anything back from it. >>

I really don't know what to say, except I apologize for the long delays.  We
have a very small script department and they're frequently overwhelmed by the
huge volume of submissions.  I hope they'll get back to you before too long.

<<It was too bad Eddington had to die. He was a great adversary(pardon the
pun).Is there any chance of him coming back in the mirror universe?>>

We have no plans to bring back any Eddington at the moment.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  10/7/97 11:55:34 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<When the actors are shooting a scene where they are having a meal- do they
really eat, or just pretend to have their mouthes full?>>

They usually have real food to eat.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  10/9/97 10:44:07 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<First, the beginning of Season Six seems to be one large story, like a
2-parter, only many more than 2 episodes.  So, how does the 2 parter Favor
The Bold/Sacrifice Of Angels fit into this?  Does it signal the end of this
larger story, or what?>>

"Sacrifice of Angels" does conclude the multi-part story concerning the
effort to regain the station, but does not signal the end of the war against
the Dominion, which will continue.

<<Second, are there any plans to expand the Bashir character?  He seemed very
interesting, up until the moment we found out he was genetically altered.
 now he acts like a computer - so what's gonna happen?>>

We're going to tone down the Bashir as computer stuff, which went a little
too far.  But we will do more stories about his genetic abilities and
background, most notably in an episode filming right now.

<<And finally, in A Time To Stand, when they snuck behind enemy lines in the
Jem 'Hadar ship, how come the other ships flew right by?  After all, they
KNEW the Federation had a Jem 'Hadar ship...doesn't it seem like they would
have more security measures when protecting their most precious resource,
ketracel white?  Also, does the destruction of the white mean the end of the
Jem 'Hadar?>>

There was a line somewhere that indicated that the captured J'H ship was
transmitting a newly updated recognition signal, but this got cut somewhere
along the line.  The Dominion will concentrate on other ways of providing
White to their soldiers now that the main supply depot has been destroyed.

<<Kirk lost most of his family on a colony under the rule of some madman who
later became a Shakespearean actor...the colony was running out of supplies
and this man had to choose who lived and who died...>>

As I recall, there's no indication in "Conscience of the King" that Kirk lost
his family on Tarsus IV.  Lt. Kevin Riley lost his family there, but I
believe Kirk simply referred to himself as "A young man caught up in a
revolution."  As far as I know, there's no information regarding the fate of
either of his parents at all in TOS (or even their names).

<<I saw earlier tonight on TV Della Reese of "Touched by an Angel" appealing
to her fans to write and call CBS to help her lobby for a pay increase.  Now,
I don't know about the fans of that show, but Trek fans *invented* mass
letter writing campaigns.  Any fear Avery Brooks will be holding a similar
press conference anytime soon??>>

First, I doubt very much that Reese's theatrics are going to have much of an
impact.  Second, I would be shocked if our very dignified lead actor engaged
in anything of the kind.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  10/10/97 12:33:49 AM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Mr. Moore some people have posted that you have stated Dukat will NOT die
as the current DS9 storyline concludes, is this true?>>

I think I'll let you wonder.... and worry.

<<Anyhow I was watching "Sarek" the other night, and of course that is the
episode where Picard and Sarek do a mind meld. Sarek asked him if he realized
the dangers involved, and I wondered, what ARE the dangers invlolved in a
mind meld anyway??? Can you get "stuck" together like if you lost the keys to
a pair of handcuffs? Do you just go nuts? Do you suddenly experience urges to
run around Macy's with jello in your underwear singing showtunes? >>

I would think that those are all possible dangers of the meld (T'Polo, Vulcan
Matriarch and Sprocket, Vulcan Boy Toy were once arrested in Macy's singing
"The Music of the Night", by the way.)  Ira and I (we did the rewrite on
"Sarek") wanted to introduce a note of danger into the meld and this seemed
consistant with the way Spock originally described the meld way back in the
early days of TOS.

<<Do you use Chinese food usually to represent Klingon food?  That's what it
looks like to me, only sometimes weirder.(food dyes added?)  Specifically,
what is gagh made from, and would you say it's truly edible?>>

I'm not sure what they use.  I think they've tried all kinds of stuff over
the years.

<<Ron, did you ever do any acting or was it always writing you wanted?>>

I acted in some high school plays and had a blast, but never took it any

<<Maybe I'm missing an obvious explanation, but when Dukat identified himself
in his station log as Dukat, S. G. (assuming I heard it right), is that a
reference to given names or a title, or something else.>>

I think Hans & Ira threw that in 'cause it sounded cool.  The initials
probably represent some rank or association or achievement (like Ph.d, or
A.S.C., or J.D.).

<<So, does the genetic engineering also change personalities, and make people
either nicer, or meaner, or is it that they did just get the wrong guy with

As I recall "Space Seed," the idea was that the same genetic enhancements
that increased things like intellect and physical prowess also increased
traits like ambition and ruthlessness in the Khan supermen.

<<I'd like to know who I, and other fans like me, can write to at
Paramount/Viacom to express my support for a 7th season of DS9.>>

Write to Garry Hart, President, Network Television, Paramount Pictures, 5555
Melrose Ave. LA, CA 90038 and BE POLITE.

<< The return of Mirror Spock would make a great resolutionto that storyline.
 Any chance of trying again?>>


<<To that same end, I know you've said the staff isn't looking to do any more
TOS or TNG guest shots any time soon.  Why is that?>>

We're just not interested in doing either TNG or TOS guest shots at the
moment.  I suppose that could change, but our feeling right now is "been
there, done that."

<<Getting back to weddings, what's up with Kasidy Yates?>>

We're talking about a new Kasidy show right now.

<< I was wondering if there was an address I could write to to see if there
were any more views of this or other concept sketches like it....I've
completed the primary hull of this particular ship, but I'm reluctant to
continue with the secondary hull if there's a chance I could base it more on
Sterbach's sketches rather than my improvisation.>>

Well, you could write to Rick Sternbach c/o Star Trek at the same Paramount
address as above, but I'm not sure if he'll be able to help you or not.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  10/10/97 1:05:34 AM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Another question about the food-- when the actors drink that weird colored
(i.e.- neon blue or yellow) drinks- what are they really? And does Avery
Brooks really cook cajun on the set? >>

I'm sorry, but I really don't know what they use for our food or drink down
on the set.  But I do know that Avery isn't really cooking on camera.

<<My question is, [in "The Die is Cast"] was the idea of only seeing Odo in
the mirror something that was in your script, or something David Livingston
came up with?>>

This was the inspiration of the director.

<<When DS9 fans write Paramount asking for a 7th season should we include
something about ourselves in the letter?  Specifically are they interested in
the age, career, or family size of the fan? >>

Anything to personalize your letter (without being too long) would help to
distinguish it from the other mail and emphasize the fact that it's not just
a form letter you're passing along.

<<I hate to sound critical but I was just wondering, at this point in the

There's some info on the changelings in the Alpha Quadrant coming up.

<< <April 5, is my son's birthday. >

That's pretty cheesey.>>

I was about to write something pointing out what an enormous jerk you are,
but then I noticed that several other people have beat me to it.  To them --
Thank you.  To you -- you're still a jerk.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  10/10/97 7:12:33 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Ron, is there even going to be anymore Romulans?>>

There will be Romulans on Voyager, but on DS9, we're still in the early
discussion phase of bringing them back into the tale.

<<Bravo for bringing back Alexander and revisiting his relationship with
Worf.  Sometime last season, under another screenname, I wrote an impassioned
plea for just that, stating how difficult it was for me, and I'm sure for
others, to reconcile his decision not to be a part of his son's life, because
of my own expreience with an absent father.  Did this letter in some small
way influence your decision?>>

Not really, because it wasn't my idea.  The notion came up in the room when
we were discussing story ideas for a Worf show in the middle of the war arc.
 The story was good and only worked with Alexander, so we went for it.  As I
recall, I always said that if the right story came along that we'd bring him
back, it was just a question of finding that story.

<<Will we get to see the Dax/Worf wedding?  If so, when? >>

The wedding will be in episode # 7, "You are Cordially Invited..."

<<How do you come up with episode titles>>

The title is usually the choice of the writer doing the teleplay, although
sometimes the initial story title remains throughout or there's a better one
suggested by the writing staff.

<<My question (the real question, not the extrapolated one) has gone
unanswered once more.... alas.  >>

Am I crazy?  I thought I answered your question!!  Weren't you asking about
Sisko and his father?

<< Rocks and Shoals>>

Please repost your questions about this episode next week and I'll be happy
to answer them.

<<.if Odo and Kira ever do finally get around to it...but if it ever does
happen, exactly WHERE do you think that he would take her for that first big

A cozy night spent in a holding cell perhaps...?

<<Will you be giving us more background on the Eugenics War in a future ep?>>

I don't think we want to talk about the specifics of the Eugencis Wars on
DS9.  Yes, there are explanations that can be made about alternate timelines
and so on, but they're pretty convoluted and I'd rather not point out to the
audience that it's 1997 and the Wars are supposed to be in full swing.  We'll
make references to Khan and the Eugenics Wars in vague terms, but I think
we'll avoid straight-out exposition about  what happened.

<<Will there be more Bajoran stuff this season such as the Orbs, Prophets, or
Kai Winn?>>


<<Do you have any big Kira episodes planned for later in the season (ie.
after the war arc), and if so can you give us any information on it?>>

Show # 8 is a big Kira show and I'm still trying to preserve some mystery
about it.

<<Isn't about time for "Q" to visit the station again?>>

No plans for Q on DS9.
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