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Date:  11/12/97 7:55:42 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

Hi, again.  It's been pretty hectic around here the past couple of weeks, so
I haven't had a chance to get on-line for a while.  (Sorry to have missed the
Great Clinton-Nixon Bake Off, it looked like fun.)  I'll answer the stuff in
this folder first since it's the most current and relevant, then go back and
try to get some of the questions from folder #34.  However, you might want to
repost anything from 34 or 33 in here to have a better chance of getting an

<<Ron... does anyone besides Dukat know who shot Ziyal?>>

Yes.  The other characters do know what happened -- Dukat probably babbled
the details of the event over and over again.

<<Will the wormhole aliens alwasy stop Dominion forces from coming through
the wormhole, or was this a 1 time thing?>>

Our thinking is that the Prophets probably would stop any Dominion ship from
coming through the wormhole.

<<Were Wayon's comments about "Earth being the Key to the Alpha Quadrent" some
 type of forshadowing as to an attack on earth later this season?>>

You never know...

<<Will we see the Wormhole aliens again?  >>

Yes.  The Prophets are an integral part of the DS9 landscape and Sisko's
interaction with them forms one of the primary threads of the series.

<<Will the wormhole aliens comments to Sisko every become clearer to us, and
did you have anything in mind when writing lines like "You are of Bajor", and
the line about him not resting on Bajor?  If so a clue please :)>>

We do have some ideas about the meaning of these lines, but I'd rather let
you all speculate about them.

<<Did the Prophets wish the Jem'Hadar fleet "into the cornfield" solely to
save Sisko or also to save Bajor?  If only the former, they could have sent
*him* to safety just as easily, letting the fleet come on through.  If the
latter was part of their motivation, might they not have taken this action
whether or not Sisko was at risk?  I guess what I'm groping to express is
that this will seem like an easy victory if there's no price to be paid for
it.  My ultimate satisfaction with this episode is going to depend a lot on
what the bill looks like when it arrives.>>

The intervention of the Prophets was something we discussed at length during
the development of the six episode arc.  As I said above, the Sisko/Prophets
story is something we consider to be a key element of the series itself.  To
us, the finale of "Sacrifice" was something that came organically out of the
overall story of DS9 and that's why we did it.  The journey that Sisko has
made from "Emissary" to "Sacrifice" is a profound one -- he's gone from a man
who questioned the very existence of the Prophets to asking them to behave
like gods and save their "children" down on Bajor.  There will be a price
exacted from Sisko for daring to bring the Prophets into this conflict and
we'll play that out as the series continues.  

<<Now that the Federation has expended so much energy and resources in
fighting the Dominion, is the time ripe for some old enemy to attack . . .

Could be.  (Yes, you will continue to get vague answers from me about the
future developments in the Dominion War.)

<<When you started this little Q&A board what, slightly more than a year ago,
did you ever imagine we'd be on Folder #35 in such a short time? Or that we'd
ever get to Folder #35 AT ALL??!?>>

I never really thought it would get this much activity in such a short period
of time.  I still enjoy coming here and I hope that you all do too.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  11/12/97 8:10:37 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<as I re-watched the scene in his quarters where Weyoun comes to fetch Odo
and Suzie Goo to the relative safety of Ops, it occurred to me that Her Royal
Wetness KNEW Odo had made that decision.  Furthermore, Odo himself KNEW it.
 Mrs. Muck deliberately asked
Odo "Are you sure?".  The look that passed between them spoke volumes.  They
both knew they were saying good-bye, at least for the time being.  Am I
making a correct analysis or have I once again made a complete and utter fool
of myself?  >>

We liked the deliberate ambiguity of this scene and were hoping you'd ask
that very question.  Did she know or didn't she?  It's something we'll
address later on in the series and for now it's good to let you wonder.

<<the one thing I missed about this particular corner of the War Arc was
dialog in the Roddenberry/Kirk-makes-a-speech vein wherein Odo explains WHY
he chooses as he does...more than just his feelings for Kira.  One of the
tenets of the Star Trek "galaxy-view" has always been the theme that, despite
our flaws, despite our differences, despite our short-
comings, despite our very "Humanity" itself, the Human race (nee "the
solids") has a higher purpose, a reason to be out among the stars, a first,
best destiny.  Why does Odo choose to live among the solids?  As he told
Wette Midler in "The Search, Part 2", he has formed a link of his own, with
these people.  He has discovered a worth, a value, something to be admired in
fragile, one-shape life forms.  Any plans to follow up with this, Ron?>>

We made a conscious choice not to give Odo the Kirk-makes-a-speech moment
regarding the value of humanity.  This seemed like very familiar territory
within the Trek mythos and we're more interested in taking Odo down
unexplored paths.  While Odo certainly sees the value and worth of humanity
(along with the other "solids" he's met) the reason he stayed behind had more
to do with a certain Bajoran Major than with a new-found "galaxy-view".

<<I'd be curious to hear from you, Ron, as to whether or not Sisko ordered
the Defiant into the wormhole hoping the Prophets would take an interest. >>

No.  Sisko had no reason to believe that the Prophets would intervene in this
situation as they have never shown any inclination to get involved in
"linear" affairs up until now.

<<If there is anything I feel let down about in the Dominion War, it is
Jake's role.  He seemed to fade into the background, little use being made of
his reporter job or his status as the Emissary's son.  Do you feel, Ron, that
perhaps DS9 let its collective plate get too full as events unfolded?  Was
there any discussion around the office that the War could've used another

I think we could've used Jake a little better as well.  Sometimes our plate
does get very full and we find it hard to deal with everything on it.  That
said, I rather like the challenge of keeping all these different elements
going, even if it means making a misstep occasionally, because the payoff can
be so very rewarding.

<<Once again, I am asking the musical question:

Where do baby changelings come from??? Do they happen as the result of sexual
contact? Or is reproduction asexual? Like the splitting of amoeba? And when
is a changeling ready to reproduce? Or is it a group thing???>>

Every hear of the Stork?

<<Is Kira subscribed to the Bajoran Hunk of the Month Club or something?
(what a lovely thought...kind of like a Whitman sampler box...only no
chocolates...hmmmm...nah...I'd rather have the chocolates...)  I'm wondering
this because I've only seen her in a romantic way with four men thus
far...(five, if you count the Intendant with Sisko)..and of those men, only
two has she actually gone to bed with...and those were both Bajoran

Kira was given a subscription to the Bajoran Hunk of the Month Club by Sisko
in the unaired Director's cut of "Emissary."  I believe this version was
broadcast in Europe.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  11/12/97 8:29:00 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<[In "Sacrifice of Angels"] what was Bashir doing on the bridge of the
Defiant??? I know the ship doesn't have much in the way of medical
facilities, but I sure there was somewhere he could go to help injured
crewmembers (and don't tell me no-one got hurt)...>>

This is where TV convention intervenes.  Bashir was on the Bridge because we
didn't want to lose him from the episode and we weren't going to just do a
cutaway down to Sickbay to watch him do med-tech in the middle of the action.

<<did the Prophets take out the Dominion's listening station in the Gamma
quadrant, too???  It went away.  Can the Prophets control things outside of
the wormhole or was the listening station in the wormhole?>>

Unless I'm mistaken, the listening post was not taken out by the Prophets.
 It was outside the wormhole and not affected by what happened to the
Dominion fleet.

<<Is there a Star Trek/Paramount acting troop that does all the extra

Not officially, but there are certainly a group of stand-ins/background
players that we do use over and over again in different makeup and guises.

<<One thing you said [on the TrekWeb on-line chat] really concerned me,
 though.  When asked if you would be dealing with the lack of Ketracel White,
you said that "presumably, the Dominion has started producing more of it," or
something to that effect.  *Please* tell me this will be mentioned on the
show. >>

We will say something about this on the show.

<<I just watched this week's episode of DS9 titled "Sacrifice of Angels".
I was wondering if you and your writing staff considered any OTHER
ways to redeem Odo?  All this time, I thought for sure that Odo was really
"using or misleading"
the female changeling so as to gain some secret information that would
turn the tide of the war to our favor.  I was really hoping this was the
case because it would justify his actions and would also explain
why Odo was, in Kira's eyes, betraying them all.  Can you please talk 
about this now that the episode has aired?>>

The Odo story went through numerous rewrites and many permutations.  We had a
lot of conflicting ideas about what to do with Odo -- everything from him
leaving with the Female Shapeshifter to him saving the entire station in the
end.  We talked about Odo staying behind but being charged with collaborating
with the enemy.  We talked about Odo refusing to help our heroes, and then
beginning a new journey on the station, one where he would no longer be
friends with our heroes anymore.  We talked and talked and talked, and
ultimately we realized that we weren't going in any directions that any of us
really wanted to explore.  So we decided to have him make the heroic decision
to save Kira & Co. and stay behind, while keeping as many options open for
the future as we could.  

It was probably the right decision, although I do wish we had come to that
idea a little earlier in the process so we could have built the overall Odo
story with a little more clarity and ended it with a little more of a punch.

<<IF there is a 7th season for DS9, I am wondering what course of  action you
would suggest for me to send in a spec script?>>

As of this moment, just follow the standard guidelines and submit your script
Subj:  Answers
Date:  11/12/97 8:47:31 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<In the original pilot, the wormhole aliens seemed to understand very little
about corporeal life and furthermore they had no concept of linear time.  In
this most recent episode, the dialogue seemed to imply that they have some
sort of "plan" for the Sisko.  My question is, how can beings who don't grasp
the concept of linear time have a plan?  A plan seems to, by it's very
nature, imply linear time.  Have they changed since they pilot?  Learned to
understand time?>>

Our thinking on the Prophets has evolved and so has their interaction with
Sisko and Bajor.  Yes, they are beings who do not deal in linear time and
yes, they seem to have some kind of plan (that has happened, will happen and
has always happened and is always happening... or something) for the Emissary
and their special people (the Bajorans).  There is a certain contradiction in
that, but it's something we can live with for now and hopefully be able to
reconcile down the line.

<<What would be wrong for [Kira] to do the courting instead of simply WAITING
for someone to ask her out?>>

Absolutely nothing.

<<Is Odo the very first changeling to even consider wanting intimacy with a

I think so, yes.

<<Also, when Jezebel finally got around to telling Odo what her real
intentions were, did she think that he was too far gone to care about Kira, or
 did she simply reveal her real intent toward Kira because she thought that
it was now too late for him to do anything about it? That there really was
nothing he could do to stop the Dominion from executing Kira?>>

I think she wasn't positive that Odo had made a final committment to the
Link, but felt like there was a good chance he had.  She wanted to test him
in a sense, but also to present him with a fait acompli that he wouldn't be
able to do anything about.

<<Do you think that Jezebel was using her birth control when they were
linking? Or do you think that she will end up on Odo's doorstep with a
gelatinous little bundle of goo?>>

Why does SHE have to use birth control??!!   What about HIM??!!  SEXIST!!
 SEXIST!!  Catbyte, Klincat, atttack, attack!!!!!  Boy are you in trouble

<<Will we get to know what the game [mentoned by the Prophets in "Sacrifice
of Angels"] refers to?  Just the Bajoran theatre or is it larger?>>

We will explore this idea more, but I don't want to give a definitive answer
to this one.

<<Ron in the last few days the idea of Barry Manilow playing a Vedick on DS9
has come into intense discussion on the Bridge in the Star Trek club.  We are
commited to get Manilow on DS9 in a guest spot.  Tell us Mr. Moore, can it be
done?  Can Manilow bring his unique talent to the Promenade?>>

Just when I think I've seen it all on this board....
Subj:  Answers
Date:  11/12/97 9:08:57 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Hey Ron, thought I would ask about Lt. Neely.  She was great from what we
saw of her, however this has been buggin me for a while.  Has the actress who
played Neely ever worked in Trek before?  She seems very familiar.  I hope we
get a chance to see her soon, maybe a friend for Nog when Jake's not

Neely was played by Sarah MacDonnell and I don't think she's been on Trek
before.  We could bring her back at some point, but have no plans to do so.

<<  [Dax and Worf's relationship is] Contrived writing at best.  Their
relationship only works if one pretends that they don't do the stupid things
that send them to the infirmary.>>  -- Catbyte

Nice to see that some things never change...

<< I know you don't handle the starship special effects scenes, but any idea
on why we see alot of Excelsior and Galaxy Class ships like the Enterprise B
and D, respectitvely in the Federation Fleet but that we do not see
Ambassador Class ships like the Enterprise C?>>

It's a question of money; nothing more, nothing less.  We don't have an
Ambassador-class starship model sitting around.  The one seen in "Yesterday's
Enterprise" was built as a damaged ship and never meant to be used beyond
that one-shot episode.  We do use other starship designs that are completely
CGI, but they are seen only at a distance because a fully rendered CGI ship
that can hold up under scrutiny is basically as expensive as a brand new

<<We often see the human condition/moral dilema evaluated in a new way on
Star Trek, but don't often see the core values of the Federation itself
challenged in such a humorous, basic, practical way [as they were in "In the
Cards"]!  Eddington also made us see the Federation ideals in yet another
more serious light, challenging it as a subtle assimilator of worlds
interested only in its political needs, not the needs of mere people.  Wow,
these are Gene Roddenberry's principles of a utopitarian society under fire
from those less fortunate soles in the Galaxy!  Can  we expect to see more of
this Ron?  Bring it on!>>

We'll keep questioning and poking at the Federation ideals as long as I'm on
the series.  I'm a firm believer in the idea that questioning one's ideals
and even being able to laugh at them ultimately makes them stronger, not
weaker (and if they can't hold up to this kind of treatment, maybe they
shouldn't be upheld in the first place).

<<Marc said that the next episode he'll be in will be one in which he, Andy
and Armin work *without* the makeup--so obviously they're playing people
other than Dukat, Garak and Quark.
Ron, what is the name of this episode?  Is it a drama or a comedy?  When will
it air?  Who wrote it?  Is Andrew Robinson directing it?  Any plans for an
episode with Michael Dorn sans Klingon make-up? >>

Marc has a big mouth.  The episode's name is still up in the air and that's
all I'm going to say about it for now.

<<When I sat down and tried to make some schematics of the FC phaser rifles
(to construct my own), I watched the movie a number of times.  I realized
that there are AT LEAST 3 different versions of the rifle, each with a
different barrel on the front.  Do you know the reason for these

I really don't know the technical reasons behind the different phaser rifle

<<In the episode "the ship" (the one with the changling inside it) how did
the changling die? They said it couldn't hold it's shape, but why couldn't
it? And what did it turn into?>>

We never said directly what caused the death of the Changeling, but it
presumably had something to do with the crash of the ship in the first place.
 Something happened that mortally wounded it and so it couldn't hold its
shape and eventually died -- turning into a sort of "dust".
Subj:  Answers
Date:  11/12/97 9:33:15 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<I don't know if you ever answered this, but: 1) were you at the Trek awards
show last year (where everyone was presented with a flag flown on the
shuttle) and if so, 2) what did you think of the Voyager skit done with the
cast of Frasier?>>

I was there and I liked the skit (although I wish Kelsey Grammar had been
able to play the Captain as originally intended).

<<Who will be palying Moogie when she returns this season?  I have my money
on I right??>>

No.  We were unable to work out an problem with Andrea's schedule again so
Cecily Adams will be playing the role.

<< the American voting public is a pack of morons?  At least those who voted
for Clinton and Perot...>>

Good to see that the Cheap Shot Department is still functioning at peak
efficiency.  Please put in my order for a CS directed at the intelligence of
those who voted in the majority during the 1980 and 1984 elections.  Make it
a rush delivery as I really need this CS as soon as possible.

<<Alternate history... Well, my brief take on it would be that, assuming
Nixon had won, there would have been less of a reckless brinksmanship on the
part of our foreign policy; we probably would not have had the infamous Cuban
Missile Crisis, nor would we have had the pathetic Bay of Pigs fiasco.>>

Okay, I can't resist:

It's extremely hard to say how the Missile Crisis would've gone down with
Nixon.  One of the key moments in the Crisis was the decision by Kennedy to
put off an attack on the missile sites despite the near-unanimous opinion of
his advisors that it was time to attack.  This delay allowed the Crisis to be
defused peacefully and recent scholarship has discovered that the Soviets had
nuclear warheads already in Cuba and were planning a relatialory strike in
the event of a US attack.  Would Nixon have delayed the attack as well?  Hard
to say.  His key advisors would've all be different and his own instincts may
have propelled him into a tougher line than Kennedy (remember that Nixon was
still very much the Cold Warrior, as was JFK, at this point in his life) so
it's possible that Nixon may well have actually triggered a full out nuclear
exchange.  But again, it's virtually impossible to say one way or the other.

It also hard to argue that the Crisis would or would not have occured at all
under Nixon.  The oft-repeated assertion that Khruschev was "testing" the
young president because of his perceived weakness at the Vienna summit seems
to have been a myth, since recent accounts of the Crisis point to other
motives for the deployment of missiles in Cuba.  Khruschev saw the missiles
as a reasonable response to the US deployment of forward-based systems near
the USSR border -- not a deliberately provocative act designed to test the
will of JFK.  In that context, he probably would've sent the missiles to Cuba
regardless of who was the US president.

As for the Bay of Pigs, it is worth noting that it was a scheme dreamed up
during the Eisenhower/Nixon administration.
Subj:  Answers
Date:  11/12/97 11:09:03 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<How do symbionts reproduce since they spend most of their lives isolated
inside some trill?>>

We've established that the symbionts do return to the underground pools
periodically and that's where they presumably procreate.

<<When Odo first linked with Jezebel, did he come under some kind of mind
control? It sure seemed that way to me...Or was this the changeling
equivalent of Prozac???>>

Odo was caught up in the joy and clarity of thought that comes with joining
the Great Link, even on a small scale.  It is an experience that is unique to
Changelings and to everything else Odo has experienced in his life since his
discovery in the Alpha Quadrant.  The Female Shapeshifter did not exert any
kind of mind control over him, he was linking of his own free will.

<<Did the same people who cast DS9 cast the other recent Treks?>>

The casting chores on DS9 are handled by Ira, Steve Oster, the Director, the
Writer and  Ron Surma (casting director).  On Voyager, it's Jeri, Brannon,
Meri Howard, the Director, the Writer, and Ron Surma.
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