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Date:  97-11-26 15:05:09 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm still among the living.  Things are
always hectic around here this time of the year and will only get worse as
the Christmas holidays get closer, so please be patient.  

News:  Episode 14 is shooting right now, will be called "Far Beyond the
Stars," was written by Ira and Hans and is being directed by Avery.  I'm not
exaggerating when I say it's unlike anything we've ever done before on any of
the Trek series and that we're all VERY excited about it.  No hints on this

Episode 15 is called "Honor Among Thieves" is being written by Rene and will
be an O'Brien show.  

I'm writing Episode 16 at this very moment (well, not at THIS very moment, of
course, but by the time you read this, I'll be back writing, so in that
moment that you're reading this I guess it will be this very moment... but I
digress), will be a Worf and Dax show, and has no title yet.

Now a few questions:

<<do you know when the IMAX film is supposed to come out? I havent heard
anything about it since they announced that the deal was done.>>

Last I heard, they don't even have a script yet, so the release date of the
IMAX is a long ways away.

<<Hey, Ron do you read any of the other message boards? And does the Defiant
have a holodeck? Are Dax and Worf going to have any kids?>>

I surf the other boards around here on occasion, usually to see what the
reaction was to specific episodes after they air.  The Defiant does not have
a holodeck.  The question of children for this couple will not be addressed
for quite some time.

<<So what about a contest?  What is wrong with asking Paramount to dedicate
one show each season to a fan story?  Am I the only one that believes that
the fan base can generate one excellent script idea each year?  The pre-show
publicity alone would make it a ratings winner.>>

We already have an open submission policy and a "fan" can win the "grand
sweepstakes prize" by submitting a script that is so good that we decide to
buy and produce it.  (As a former sweepstakes winner, I can testify that it
does happen, albeit rarely.)  We think that's enough and I would oppose
lowering our standards to the extent that we simply buy and produce a "fan"
episode for the sake of publicity alone.

<<Where exactly is Dukat *now*... is he on the station... in a Federation
funny farm... on (Prophets help him) Bajor... in a Bajoran funny farm...???>>

He is not on the station and his whereabouts will be addressed in "Waltz".

<<A couple of us asked a few folders ago, after watching "A Time to Stand"
about Dukat's mental state. We noticed in the scene in his office  with Kira,
that he seemed "off"... tho' by Sons and Daughters he was more or less back
to "normal".  Was it intentionally to give a hint of what was coming in "Time
to Stand"?>>

We did want to start laying in hints about Dukat's mental state early on and
establish his suseptibility to cracking under the right kind of pressure.
 His attitude in "Sons..." was meant to set up his particular vulnerability
to anything having to do with Ziyal.
Sub:  Answers
Date:  97-11-26 15:24:30 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

<<I think it's pretty obvious that you're the main "architect" of the
Klingons as we know them today. Similarly, Ira and Robert seem to have
steered the Ferengi on their current path. And, from TOS, DC Fontana had
major input into how the Vulcans are perceived.Is there a particular writer
who "speaks for" the Cardassians, Bajorans, or Dominion? Not necessarily
their word being Gospel, but just someone the staff kind of defers to in
decisions when it comes to traits or tendencies.>>

While we tend to work on everything as a staff, I'd say that the development
of the Cardassians, the Bajorans and the Dominion are largely the work of
Ira, at least since Michael stepped away from the show.  The initial work on
the Dominion was done mostly by Ira and Robert and we've pretty much built on
their ideas ever since.

<<Also, on a more frivolous note, how do the actors drink from square glasses
without dribbling liquid all over their chin?>>

It ain't easy -- and I have a few square glasses at home that give me trouble
as well!

<<After seeing Quark's double-barreled rescue of Rom, I was wondering if
there are any plans to have John Wu direct an episode?  ;)>>

Would that it were true...

<<how is it that Kira and Odo can spend all night in a closet in YACI hashing
things out enough so that they are head to head and smiling at each other,
comfortable, at the very least 'friendly', to the point where Kira even
*thanks* Dax for a "wonderful" party, to complete avoidance and her rather
uncharacteristic roll-in-the-hay with a virtual stranger in "Resurrection"?
 Or were these two episodes shown out of order?  If not, I, for one, am more
than a little confused.  It's hard to reconcile these two episodes in any
rational way.  Unless, of course, Kira was answering what she felt was Odo's
"betrayal" with the Foundress with her own fling back in his face?>>

My take on this is that the subjects of Odo and Mirror Bareil as they impact
on Kira are two separate things.  The closet conversation between Odo and
Kira in "You are Cordially Invited..." presumably let them clear the air and
deal with each other on a day to day basis without feeling intensely
uncomfortable.  I don't think it solved all their problems or that it wiped
away what happened during the Dominion Occupation.  I think they've agreed to
disagree about what happened and why, and now they're trying to move forward.
 There may still be major trouble ahead for these two (no pun intended).
 Remember that Odo and Kira never even had a "date" and that while Odo has
made his feelings for Kira clear, Kira has not voiced her feelings for HIM.
 With that in mind, it's hard to say that her affair with Mirror Bareil had
any kind of "payback" in it for Odo's relationship with the Female
Shapeshifter.  While part of me wishes we had dealt with the Odo angle in
"Resurrection" I also know that we all felt it was an enormous can of worms
and that it would've quickly swamped the entire show if we had gone down that
path.  To me, Kira was drawn to Mirror Bareil for the same reasons that Sisko
felt the tug toward Mirror Jennifer -- on an instinctual level, there's a
feeling of deja vu with these Mirror characters that can sometimes translate
into an emotional response.  We spent a long time in "Resurrection"
establishing the relationship between the two of them and showing you just
how Kira would be drawn into it, and I don't see a contradiction between that
show and anything else.

<< one more question, about Garak this time.  What are the chances of seeing
more of the back story about him and Mila (of "Improbable Causes")?>>

Not for a while, but the backstory with Mila is something we continue to talk
about within the writing staff.

<<Ron, are there any plans for a Founder to infiltrate a radical Bajoran
faction which wants to keep Bajor free and blow up the station?>>

You never know...

Sorry, but that's all for now.  I'll be back as soon as I can.  Everyone have
a safe and happy Thanksgiving!!
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