Subj:  Answers
Date:  12/2/97 9:32:17 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

Just a few minutes to answer some questions.... but actually found precious
few of them in 37-38!  Not that I'm complaining, mind you -- I'm glad you
hang out and talk among yourselves while I'm away (makes me feel less guilty
about the long breaks between my answers).  The pace is picking up around
here as the holidays approach (like every year) and my postings will be
pretty erratic for a while....

<<Ron Moore, where can I get the floor plan that was sketched for the Picards
Ready room set in "Star Trek: First Contact"?  Or any pictures of it?>>

I'm not aware of this being available anywhere at the moment.

<<Will we ever see Thomas Riker again?  >>

Not this year.

<<Does Kira subconsiously want a family? Children? A home on Bajor? Could
this be one of the reasons she is fearful of becoming involved with Odo?>>

It's possible, but we haven't locked into an explanation for her reluctance
to be involved with Odo as of yet.

<<Will "Honor Among Thieves" be the annual "Make O'Brien Suffer" episode, or
are you just going to say "Wait and see."?>>

Let the suffering begin.

<<Will "One Little Ship" be somehow linked to "The Ship"?>>


<<Will "One Little Ship" involve a very strong Dominion plot, or will the
Dominion War just be in the background like it was in... (Dare I say it?) a
certain recent episode?>>

The Dominion will be very strongly involved.

<<I know you won't tell us much about "Far Beyond the Stars", so I'll ask an
easy, non-revealing question. Will this be a good episode?>>

I always hate to predict how they'll turn out this early in the game (but
somehow I always do...)  I think this one will be very good... with a chance
of being great.

<<I was intregued by the final sequence in "Invited".
 Cinematography/direction interest me.  I have a question about the final
sequence.  As Martok said "Go" and they run to thump, the screen fades to
black, and all you hear is the beating.   Was that in the script, or was that
a decision of David Livingston?>>

It was in the script.

<<Will we we see the Founders *try* to tangle with the Prophets? >>

Not for a while, but probably at some point.

<<Just watched "Starship Mine" again.  Does Picard give Tim Russ a Vulcan
Nerve pinch in the first scene where the two fight?  kind of ironic.>>

I don't recall, and I haven't watched that show since it aired, so I'm really
not sure.

<<I just watched Stat Prob and was wondering if the idea for Bashir being a
"genetically enhanced mutant" was present in his backstory from the very
beginning ---- but not revealed until last season?>>

This was something we came up with last year and it seemed to fit with his
established backstory, and actually helped explain big chunks of it.

That's all for now...
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