Subj:  Answers
Date:  12/16/97 4:07:09 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Is the Vorta and Jem Hadar worship of the Founders due exclusively to 
their genetic engineering? Or has their trust/fear of them come from the 
Founder's ability to successfully win wars?  Do the Founder's have other 
extraordinary abilities beyond the ability to shapeshift?>>

Most of the Founder-worship is something programmed into the brains of the
Vorta and the Jem'Hadar, but I would imagine that the Founder's success 
record only reinforces that instinctive response.  As to other abilities, 
we haven't defined them yet, but it's always possible that we'll come up 
with something.

<<Ron, I was wondering if alt.Bashir in the mirror universe was also
resequenced?  If not, would he represent what Julian WOULD have been like, 
had the resequencing not taken place?>>

This has come up in our story meetings, but we haven't made a decision one 
way or the other.

<<Is there still hope for [Odo and Kira]?>>

Hope springs eternal.

<<In a previous response to a question about what *really* was discussed in
Dax's closet during her bachelor party, you mentioned that there "may" be
major trouble ahead for Odo and Kira.  I believe that I also recall you 
saying that you haven't yet determined what will happen with Kira's love 
life.  May I at least ask if you plan on continuing to address the 
relationship between Odo and Kira as if it is a romance that may yet come 
to pass?>>

We haven't decided where this relationship is going yet, so the characters
(like the writers) have chosen to put the issue aside for the moment and 
try to just get on with their lives for the time being.

<<When and Where  in the hell do starfleet personnel go to the can ?>>

This is the kind of information that could prove damaging to the Federation
should it become known to their enemies during the middle of a war, so I 
can't answer this one.

<<What Star Trek character(s) do u relate to the most ?>>


<<Was Picard probly courtmarshalled for disobeying orders in First Contact?>

I think Picard gets court-martialled at least once a month just because he's
the Captain of the Enterprise and Starfleet knows what kind of trouble those
folks usually get into.

<<With all this talk about what was not in Generations, Can u tell me about
any scenes and dialouge that did not make it into FC , because of quality,
time, or money ?>>

Not much was actually cut from the filmed footage of FC.   The film came in
very close to its final running time and most of the editing consisted of
trims for pace or clarity.

<<Ron, are there going to be any more two-parters this season?>>

There could be, but we don't have any planned as yet.

<<In one DS9 show, it was called Starbase Deep Space Nine.  Is Deep Space 
Nine or any part of the station an official starbase??>>

I think the station is considered to be a Starbase by the Federation, but 
it's not usually used as part of the official nomenclature.

<<It has been established that the First Contact with the Klingons brought
about the Prime Directive. Did the Klingons have warp drive before
encountering the UFP??>>

I would think so, but this has not been addressed.
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Date:  12/16/97 4:41:25 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<is there any chance that we may see a new member of the Klingon culture on
DS9?  something other than a warrior, a slightly different take on the
Klingons... they're a whole culture, right?  we've seen alexander as the
bumbling warrior and the klingon priest... but any chance of meeting a 
Klingon artist, or scientist, or a singer?>>

We have seen a Klingon lawyer, but I'd like to see a few other non-military
citizens of the Empire before the end of the series.

<< Is it true that there is going to be an episode about racism?>>

The episode in question is "Far Beyond the Stars," it does deal with racism,
it was written by Ira and Hans, directed by Avery and the only other thing
I'll say about it is that I'm very proud to have my name associated with a
show like this one.

<<I don't think Ron is the person to ask about Odo and Kira's relationship,
because I don't think Ron as a writer is interested in serious stories about
romantic relationships.  In his scripts, whenever romance rears its head Ron
uses it as comic relief.  Just look at "Looking for Par'Mach" or "You Are
Cordially Invited"--in both cases Ron treats "love" as something good only 
for a chuckle in the TREK universe.  That may be why he seems to prefer to 
write for Worf & Dax as a couple (besides the *Klingon* issue), as they 
don't demand serious treatment, but are essentially good for only light 
romantic comedy.

Even his treatment of Odo and Kira is "lighter" than other writers as
witnessed in "Cordially" where after the serious drama of the "corruption of
Odo" storyline during the war arc Ron reduces all the angst and conflict in
the relationship to a throwaway gag involving a closet.>>

I think that's painting me with a pretty broad brush.  Both "par'Mach" and
"Cordially" were *designed* as light episodes, it wasn't as though I 
recoiled from "serious" romance in favor of comedy.  I also happen to think 
that there's some very moving stuff in the wedding show, particularly the
Martok/Worf scene which happens to be one of my favorite scenes of the year.
Go back and listen to his speech about love and then tell me that I'm not
interested in serious relationships.  I just finished work on a Worf and Dax
show that deals with some pretty heavy issues in their relationship, and I
certainly don't think they're "only good for light romantic comedy."  And
having Odo and Kira talk in a closet hardly "reduced" all their angst and
conflict to a "throwaway gag" -- it kept the thread of their relationship
alive without overpowering the episode and if it made people smile in the
process, all the better.

<<You speak of character arcs on DS9 and the striving for the improvement of
humanity on TNG.
These were established on TOS when TPTB on both shows were in diapers.  
Please examine
Spock's evolution between, say, "Where No Man..." to "Requiem for 
Methuselah", or McCoy's from "Tribbles" to "The Empath."  I think you will 
find character evolution far more dramatic than any on DS9.>>

Nothing against TOS, but you said it yourself  --  these are examples of
character "evolution", not a character "arc."  The character of Spock and 
his relationship to Kirk & McCoy evolved over time as the series came into
focus, but this wasn't a deliberate "arc" where they said "Okay, we're going
to take Spock from point A to point B."  What DS9 has done is to consciously
change and develop the relationships and our characters.  I don't think 
there's anything in TOS, TNG, or VOY that comes close to the kind of 
overall character arc seen in say, Sisko.  We've taken him from a man who 
didn't want this job or anything to do with Bajoran religion to a man who 
not only thinks of Bajor as his *home* but has embraced his role of Emissary
to the point where he's asking the Prophets for a "miracle" in "Sacrifice." 
The arc of Odo is just as strong and complex and there's really no 
equivalent to either one in TOS.  That's not to slam TOS -- they just 
weren't  interested in that kind of thing and the show worked just fine 
without it.
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Date:  12/16/97 5:02:23 PM
From:  RonDMoore       

<<When exactly did you decide that Martok shouldn't stay dead?  Just did it
happen in a writers meeting?  Was it always set in stone?  And did J.G.
Hertzler get the role of General Martok hands down or were you that close to
giving us a different actor?>>

When we killed him in "Apocalypse Rising" we were bummed because we liked 
both the character and the actor so much, but making Martok the Changeling
instead of Gowron made the story work better.  After extended discussion, 
we realized that just because Martok had been replaced, it didn't mean that 
the real Martok couldn't still be alive somewhere and that thought then led 
to the two-parter "Inferno/Purgatory".    I wasn't there when J.G. read for 
the role, but Ira said that he nailed the part on the spot and no one else 
even came close.

Subj:  Answers
Date:  97-12-17 14:00:08 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

<<If the Changelings decide to challenge the Prophets, might they enlist the
help of the Wraiths like the one who took over Keiko's body? Just wondering?>

This too, has come up in our story meetings, but we haven't made any 
decisions about it.  Unfortunately, a lot of your questions which have to do 
with where we *might* take the series tend to get this kind of reply and I 
know that must be a little unsatisfying, but I hope you'll understand that 
*many* things are possible around here and we don't have a master plan 
outlining all our decisions for the rest of the series.

<<Ron, are we to assume that the prime directive has a clause in it that
states something like "Don't go slingshotting around the universe, unless 
you have to to save the Galaxy (or a sizable chunk of it anyway), OR if 
something happens to throw you out of your time do everything you can not 
to screw up the space time line?">>

I don't think the PD has anything to do with the regulations regarding time
travel, which are covered in the voluminous manual entitled "Time Travel and
YOU -- an Officer's Guide to Temporal Paradoxes, Adventures, and Vacations."

<<As an avid comic collector, I was woundering if you have any views of the
medium, particularly the Star Trek line.>>

I haven't picked up any comic books in a long time, and I'm way out of the
loop on what's happening with the Trek books.

<<Ron I just recivied a chat transcript from a freind claiming that they
hosted a chat event with you as there guest there web site is I'm just wondering if this is true or not? >>

Without vouching for the accuracy of the transcript you've received, I will
confirm that I did a live chat on TrekWeb a few weeks ago.

<<One thing is obvious regarding the Odo/Kira relationship - it's very
important to lots of fan on AOL.  Did you ever think it would become such a
central theme of DS9? >.

We're happy it caught on with people, but we consider it to be one of many
plot threads within DS9.

<<If Ron is reading this and planning any future Trek (although I am of the
opinion expressed by others on this board that the franchise is overextended
and bloated at this point), it should get back to the roots of one ship, one
crew, exploring the unknown and not getting tangled up in war stories.  >>

There's a ship in the Delta Quadrant that may be more to your taste.

<<While there have been many jewish actors on Trek, there has never been a
Jewish character. I understand that the Earth religions arent shown, but I 
am talking about a character who has a Jewish surname, not showing religious
practice. To the best of my knowledge, there has never been on any of the 4
Treks an Ensign "Goldberg" or such.>>

Since there have been so many different characters on four different series,
it's hard for me to know if this is true or not, but I'll take your word for
it.  It's an interesting observation, and I'm a little surprised, but I 
don't think it's been a deliberate ommission.  I'll point it out at our next 
story meeting, just to put it in the back of everyone's head.

<< I know this sounds silly, but if you went on to Season Seven of DS9 and 
it was really successful would Paramount let you do an 8th? Or if that was
successful a 9th? Is there any limit?>>

Theorectically, there's no limit to how long the show could run, but I'd be
surprised if it went beyond seven years -- and there's still NO word on
whether we're going seven or not.

<<Are you planning anymore conflicts between Julien and Miles, it certainly
gives there friendship an interesting twist??>.

We have some ideas for a future show involving conflict between these two. 

<<And when will we have the emergence of the "Empok Nor" incident between
Miles and Garek, is that going to come out in any ep. soon?>>

Still in the "just talking about it" stage.

<<Did anyone on the writer's staff ever figure out WHICH changeling gets

I think we assigned that to Rene and we're still waiting for his report.

Subj:  Answers
Date:  97-12-17 14:36:51 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

<<WHAT birth control is for changelings? Or if sexual contact is even
necessary for the act of pro-creation to take place? Could pro-creation be
asexual in its nature? Could Odo wake up one day to find that he is

I sense a theme here... 

<<Could linking THREE DAYS cause Jezebel to end up at the door step with a
bundle of goo? Or will Odo notice that there are anomalous readings only to
find that he's about to give birth himself?>>

May I suggest ordering the latest video from Playboy TV -- "Shapeshifter 
Sex: Playboy's Guide to Love in the Link."

<<Any chance of species such as the Tellerites and Andorians getting more

I doubt it.

<<How come know holiday or birthdays are celebrated on DS9????>>

We have celebrated Bajoran holidays on the show and birthdays as well.



<<So when you think about the end of DS9...(perish the thought)...which plot
threads would *you* like to see wrapped up? I'm sure we could all chime in
with a ton of 'em...but I'm curious as to which ones *you'd* like to see
brought to completion.>>

I'd prefer to keep this to myself for now.

<<Have you got all your Christmas shopping done?>>

My lovely and indispensible wife has had the Christmas shopping done for 
over a week now.

<<Have you guys (Star Trek/DS9/Voyager) had your Christmas parties yet, and 
do you have them together or separate?>>

The Hart building had a combined DS9/VOY Christmas party last week.  A good
time was had by all.

<<Do you do the secret Santa, and if so, what is the wackiest thing you've

We do, and I once got a device intended for... uh... sexual purposes which 
was emblazoned with a gigantic Klingon Emblem.  

<< If you could ask for any prop, costume, script, sketch, model or anything
else from the Trek shows/movies for Christmas, what would you ask for?>>

I'd love to have an original Kirk tunic.  Feel free to send it to my office 
if you've got one lying around...

<<Kai Winn. Minister Shakaar. Will we be seeing both/either of them this

Not sure.

<<In "Resurrection", were we supposed to think that Mirror Bajor never had 
any Orbs of the Prophets, or that they used to have them, but lost them 
somehow? Because Mirror Bareil seemed to imply that they didn't, but if not
why would they mean anything to the Mirror Bajorans at all?>>

The intention was that there were Orbs on the other side, but they had been
lost or destroyed or something and that they had passed into legend for the
Mirror Bajorans.

Subj:  Answers
Date:  97-12-17 15:41:38 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Methinks there's a lot of potential in the larger Mirror Universe story
"Resurrection" set up. Will we see "The Battle for Bajor" in a future Mirror
Universe episode?>>

We don't know what the next Mirror story will be.

<<Are we supposed to assume that the Dominion has the Cabrel System and all
the White it needs after "Statistical Probabilities"? Bashir suggested
Starfleet let them have it, but we never heard whether or not they did.>>

I don't think the Feds gave up the Cabrel system.

<<Do you have any favorite guest characters from past TNG or DS9 episodes
you'd like to see pop up on DS9 before the end of the series (whenever that
might be)?>>

I hope we see Kai Winn again, Tom Riker, Dr. Mora, and a bunch of other DS9
quasi-regulars like Garak and Nog many times between now and the end.

<<Look, this woman has had TWO extremely serious love relationships in six
seasons.  Most of us don't have that many serious love relationships in that
time period. >>

Two love affairs in six years doesn't seem excessive to me.

<<When Dax became involved with Worf, she became an airhead and her scenes 
all were romance with Worf scenes until the writers made a concerted effort
to change that. >>

And my response is... I disagree (surprise!).

<<While I don't believe for a second that Gene Roddenberry sat down and
planned the evolution  of Spock in 1964, neither do I believe that Rick and
Mike decided in 1992 that Sisko was someday going to ask the Prophets for 
help in five years.>>

Maybe I wasn't clear.  I was trying to contrast the development of Sisko's
story arc on DS9 (which has been a deliberately planned and plotted tale
regardless of whether it began in the pilot or in Season 2), with the
evolution of the character of Spock on TOS.  Put simply, we are taking Sisko
on a journey from A to B, while the changes in Spock were not part of any
overall story, rather they were simply the natural evolution of the 
character. Spock didn't go from a cold-hearted Vulcan to a warm and fuzzy 
guy,  they simply explored different facets of his character and began to 
flesh him out more as time went on.  That is fundamentally different from 
the journey we've laid out for Sisko from "Emissary" to "Sacrifice of 
Angels," which has *changed* the character.  Spock was the same guy at the 
end of TOS that he was at the beginning in most ways except that we saw his
 friendship with Kirk deepen and become more important to him over time.  
That, to me, is the normal evolution of a character in an episodic series, 
not an overall story arc.
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