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Date:  97-12-18 15:25:40 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Will Bajor become a Federation memeber now that the war is going in favor 
of starfleet again?>>

Not yet.

<<Also will starfleet put a  new station (like the spacedock in orbit of
Earth) around Bajor if Bajor becomes a memeber?>>

A definite possibility.

<<Now that Nog has been promoted and really doesnt need to go back to the
Academy, will there be any mention of his class mates from the ST:Academy
comic? >>

While he might mention some of his classmates, I doubt that they would be
culled from the comics.

<<In the episode after (SOA) sisko's log says that teh station was the new
home for the 9th fleet. Will that be for good? Or till after the war?>>

At least until the end of the war.

<<Do you suppose that there are ancestoral species and home worlds for the
Vorta and the Jem Hadar?>>

Yes, and we've had a few discussions about finding original members of these
races, but haven't developed the idea into a story yet.

<< First off I must honestly state that overall I have been rather
disappointed with *Deep Space 9* so far this year, and I am not quite sure 
if the show should even attempt another season at this point. The six 
episode story arc (while containing 2 realy strong shows) fell rather flat 
in general, and its conclusion seemed a bit trite....My question is this, 
"Do  you feel that "Deep Space 9", along with Trek in general, is a series 
best suited for episodic television rather than the complexities of a more 
serialised format (also taking into consideration the sheer scope of the 
Trekian universe)?".... 
*Babylon 5*, *Earth: Final Conflict*, *Voyager*, and *X-Files* have all been
more satisfying to watch overall than what I have been given in *Deep Space

Well, I'm sorry you're disappointed, but I have to tell you that I'm very
happy with this season and think the war arc has been the best thing to 
happen to Trek in a long time.  I personally would love to serialize the 
show completely, but the studio wouldn't stand for it, so we've tried to 
blend the episodic and serial elements this year.  If the stories we're 
telling aren't to your liking, you may not want to watch the rest of the 
season because we on staff are VERY pleased with the show and will continue 
to take it in this direction.  I'm not going to beg for your viewership -- 
if you like the show, great.  Keep watching and I'm glad you're along for 
the ride.  If not, well sorry and so long.  This is Deep Space Nine and 
we're doing things a little different in this corner of the Trek universe.

<<Ron,  can you ask around to see if anyone is going to be at the opening of
the Star Trek Exp. in Vegas on Jan 4th?>>

Quite a few of us, actually.  Rene, me, Ira, Rick, Brannon, several actors 
and many studio types -- should be fun.

<<Since Nog is the first Ferengi in Starfleet and Worf was the first Klingon
in Starfleet, has there been any thought given to develop some sort of 
kinship between the two, seeing as how each was the first of his race in 

This has come up and we're taking some steps in this direction.

<<Besides Worf and B'Ellana Torres, are there or have there been any other
Klingons in Starfleet?>>

Not yet.

<<Does it bother you at all that Voyager blatently ripped off DS9's orb
experiences and Prophet encounters in the last episode(in which Neelix is
brought back to life)?>>

TV Writer's Rule Number 72: "Only steal from the best."

<<At the end of "Sacrifice," as the Defiant crew comes home after 4 months 
of bloody slaughter, what is the first thing Miles and Julian do?  Run for
Quark's holosuites to fight the Battle of Britain!!  What were you trying to
say with this li'l joke? >>

I'm not sure what Hans and Ira were going for here -- I thought it was kind 
of odd, but they liked it and kept it in.

Well, that's all folks -- I am outta here for the holidays and won't be back
on this board until the week of Jan 5th.  I wish all of you well and hope 
you have a merry and safe Holiday season and a 
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