Subj:  Answers in '98
Date:  98-01-05 13:50:13 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

Greetings to one and all.  I hope all of you had a restful and joyous 
Holiday Season - I know I did.  The Missus and I took a cruise across the 
Caribbean, sailed through the Panama Canal and then spent a couple of days 
in Costa Rica. The Canal was amazing from an historical and engineering 
perspective and was something I'd always wanted to see.  And for a naval 
nut like myself, there's nothing to match actually being at sea, and 
reading a Patrick O'Brien novel ("The Reverse of the Medal").  

Now back to the questions:

<<Ron are you planning to Have like a line referance to Voyager that would 
be in Conjecture with the Episode "Message in a Bottle" this year the one 
where Voyager contacts the Alpha Quadrant?>>

We have no plans for this yet, but it could always crop up at some point.

<<What are the working titles of the episodes planned so far?>>

The titles so far:

Who Mourns for Morn?
One Little Ship
Far Beyond the Stars
Honor Among Thieves
Change of Heart
Wrongs Darker than Death or Night

<<Do you know of the working title for Star Trek 9?>>

Star Trek IX: Another One that Ron Didn't Write

<<the slingshot method of time travel>>

*This* is the thread that gets carried over from '97?  You've got to be

<<RDM, I was just wondering why the Federation doesn't start considering 
using some of the more deadly weapons at its disposal.  I know, humans have 
moral rules, but what about other Federation races, like the Andorians?  
What about their Klingon allies?  Why doesn't somebody hack out an agreement
with the Romulans to allow the Federation to use their phase cloaking 
devices (like the one from "The Pegasus")?  Why doesn't Sisko start using 
the quantum torpedo-trilithium resin weapon he used in "For the Uniform" 
to wreak havoc on some Cardassian planets?  Why don't Scotty or Spock tell 
Starfleet Command about the Genesis torpedo?  >>

While the phasing cloak probably won't make a reappearance since it was a 
very dicey piece of technology that may not be ready for prime time, there's
a chance that the torpedo from "For the Uniform" could show up again.  
I don't think we'll deal with the Genesis device again.  We're talking about
some nasty devices being exchanged in the war and we'll see what comes out
of those ideas.

<<Can u post a review of Star Trek: The Experience>>

Unfortunately, Ruby was ill and we weren't able to attend the gala opening.
I hear it went very well and that everyone had a great time.

<<Can u give us an update on Area 51 ?>>

We're still working on the first draft.

<<Is it true that Enterprise E has no children aboard ?>>

This was definitely the case in FC, I don't know if Michael and Rick plan 
to change this in Trek 9.

<<Will we ever see Kira with the O'Brien baby and see if her and Miles are
close like how they came when she lived there or is that water under the
bridge now???>>

We haven't decided how, why or when O'Brien's family will return to the

<<Gareks inquest, will we found out what happend or not??? and did Miles and
Garek become friends during war, or is there tension between them now they 
are back at station???>>

There's probably some tension still between O'Brien & Garak.  Not sure if
we'll bring up Garak's inquest or not (I assume this is a reference to the
events post-"Empok Nor").

<<[Has] Juliens friendship with Garek [ended]?>>


Subj:  Answers
Date:  98-01-05 14:09:17 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Can anyone use the wormhole now?  Can only alpha quad. beings use the
wormhole? Can any Dominion ships get through at all?  Does Weyoun and the 
rest know what's going on in the Gamm Quad now?  How can the Dominion still 
be such a great threat if no ships can come in through the wormhole?>>

At the moment, no one's going through the wormhole.  The Feds don't want to
run into the large Dominion forces sitting on the other side, and the 
Dominion boys don't want to get wiped out by the Prophets, so it's a 
stand-off.  The Dominion is busily working on ways to be self-sufficient 
in the Alpha Quadrant, which also explains why they haven't been on the 
offensive lately.

<<How do you reconcile Odo's feelings that justice was a racial memory - a
trait of his people - with the behaviour of the Founders?  Are the Founders
just to some members of the Dominion?  Is the Dominion simply a military
dictatorship or are there any redeeming characteristics?>>

The Founders have a need for *order*, and Odo has translated this into a 
need for *justice* because of his unique experience in the Alpha Quadrant.
Life under the Dominion can be pleasant if you're willing to go with the 
program and not rock the system -- the Dominion's sense of order can be 

<<Now, will we be on speaking terms after "Waltz"? -- Karla Von Huben>>

I hope so...

<<Are there any plans to do a dark, dirty and intense Major Kira story
sometime this season?>>

The next Kira show will be "Wrongs Darker than Death or Night" which has 
some *very* dark stuff in it.

<<How did you like "Tomorrow Never Dies"?  >>

Haven't seen it, but I'm discouraged by the almost universal bad reviews 
I've seen.

<<So, any chance that you'll bring back a new Keevan?  It won't be quite the
same, but you've proved with Weyoun that the clone can be equal the 
character to the previous dead guy.  >>

There's a chance.  We all liked the character and the actor and we might 
clone him at some future date.

<<Are there any upcoming episodes that move the Dominion arc forward in a
major way?>>

Nothing large-scale yet, but continuing embroidery throughout upcoming

<<Did you decide HOW Iggy Pop was going to play his vorta character in
advance? Or was Iggy given some leeway to play him the way he did?>>

Iggy and Ira had a long talk about the Vorta and the entire Dominion.  Iggy
took the role very seriously and tried to learn as much as possible about 
DS9 and Trek in general before showing up on the set.

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