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Date:  98-01-07 19:18:17 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

<<Not that I would EVER ask for a spoiler (truly! :-D), but does Odo play 
a part in this episode ["Wrongs Darker than Death or Night"]?>>


<<Hey, speaking of residual appearances....Where the hell has Jake been?  
Any big bucks, high concept, boffo socko episodes coming up for Ben's 
favorite male offspring?>>

We're working on a Jake show right now that should be episode #19 -- no 
title yet.

<<When Garak came along for the ride in A Time to Stand, and then served 
with the Defiant crew in later episodes, how was Sisko sure that Garak was 
no longer working for Cardassia?>>

I think we've established that Garak takes a somewhat dim view of the
Dominion, the Founders, and especially Dukat.  When all three were combined,
it seemed obvious that Garak would rather throw in with the Feds than deal
with the new Cardassia.

<<Who was the writer (or group of writers if this was a collabroative 
process) that created the Vorta? Who decided to cast Iggy as a Vorta? 
(bleh.) >>

Ira & Robert did most of the initial development of the Dominion, including
the Jem'Hadar, the Vorta and their relationship with the Founders.  It was
also Ira's idea to have Iggy on the show.

<<Ron, a couple dozen folders back (a month in real-world time) I made the
observation that DS9 and Voyager seem willing to use homo-erotic undertones
as a dramatic device and yet you have stated that the writers have no 
burning desire to portray a regular homosexual relationship.  Specifically,
I am referring to the "Mirror Bareil" episode when the Intendant tells 
"Bareil" to give Kira a kiss, and the previous episodes with the Intendant 
and her not so subtle bi-sexual lust.  (I know you don't work for Voyager 
but...)  The same week as the mirror Bareil episode Voyager's episode 
showed men overpowering Tuvok and forcefully taking violent images from his
mind because they find those images exciting:  mind rape with heavy 
homosexual overtones.  Any thoughts on this? >>

Setting aside the Voyager question (you know better than that, tsk, tsk)  I
think the homo-erotic undertone between the two Kiras is something that grew
out of the way Nana chose to play the Intendent in the first DS9 Mirror
episode rather than any deliberate choice on the part of the writing staff.

We continue to play it because it works for the character and adds a little
spice to the Intendent, but that's about as far as it goes.

<< If the Founders use ketracel white to maintain their hold on the 
Jem Hadar, what is their hold on the Vorta?>>

The allegiance to the Founders is also written into the genetic profile of 
the Vorta, as it is the Jem'Hadar.  They probably don't need a leash like 
While dependency on the Vorta because they're not nearly as volatile and 
dangerous as the Jem'Hadar.

<<Is there going to be an episode featuring Marc, Armin and Max without all
the make-up?>>

Marc and Armin will be in "Far Beyond the Stars" sans makeup, but not Max.

<<Wrongs Darker than Death or Night -- Actually, that sounds like a fair
review of the *last* Kira episode. :D Seriously, are you writing this 
episode? Heard a rumor that this was a Bajor story and featured the return 
of Kai Winn. Any truth to that?>>

Ira and Hans wrote this one and it does not feature Winn.

<<I've got a question to ask about the Vorta.  As I understand it, one of 
Gene Roddenberry's prime directives for STAR TREK was that there could not 
be such a thing as a totally corrupt race... Therefore we've had examples of
honorable Klingons, compassionate Cardassians, brave Ferengis, and 
redeemable Borg. Even the Jem'hadar have displayed the first glimmerings 
of fair play.  But so far the Vorta have been, to a one, all pretty 
contemptible.  So I ask--will we ever see a "decent" Vorta?>>

Although we might someday do a "decent" Vorta episode, we have no plans for
such a character at the moment.  

Subj:  Answers
Date:  98-01-07 19:35:55 EST
From:  RonDMoore       

<<will you tie up the loose ends like people have inquired about "Hard Time"
with Miles will it be brought up or not????>>

I don't think we'll be revisiting the events of this episode anytime soon, 
but it's always possible we'll throw in a reference somewhere along the 

<<What is up with Nog?? In "Magnificent Ferengi", he looked and acted like a
certain engineer who he trained with, did he learn that much from Miles in
that short of time????>>

The boy's a quick study.

<<Whose storyline if I may ask is "Inquistion" about???>>

It's a Bashir story.

<<will the DS9 people plan on doing an episode where, somehow, Weyoun and
Brunt end up in the same scene? >>

We kick around this notion all the time, but since it's a really tough gag 
to do (because the extensive makeup involved requires a lengthy break 
between the two shots which then have to be combined into one) we need a 
really good reason to do it other than just a giggle.

<<Are you planning to address Kira and Odos' relationship anytime soon, even
from a friendship-only perspective?>>

We're talking about it.

<<when Kavhis started going on, after Rocks n Shoals, about wanting to see
Keevan die a painful death... was Mag Ferengi already planned? we're you
chuckling at all when you saw Kahvis' request?>>

I don't remember the exact timing of everything, but the idea of using 
Keevan in "Magnificent" came up during the story break and wasn't something
we planned in advance.

<<Who or what shaped Dukat's mindset? His father? His mother? The state of
affairs on Cardassia?I ask because Dukat has always seemed to have this
partition that he keeps to divide though he were somehow two
totally different people...Where did he get this intense need to be in 
control from? >>

Good questions, but ones that we haven't answered yet.

<<I posted this question a few folders back.  I read somewhere that, due to
legal problems with the James Bond people, the episode Our Man Bashir will
never be re-run or released on videotape/laserdisc.  Is this true?>>

As far as I know, this is not true.

<<What happen to the telekinetic ability that Eris, the first Vorta 
displayed? Do other Vorta lack this ability, or will we see other Vorta 
using this ability in the future?  >>

I don't think we're going to see this ability again.  Our internal rationale
has been that Eris was given this ability for a specific purpose by the
Founders (and maybe several other Vorta along with her) and that it is not a
normal part of the Vorta "recipe" in the Dominion.

<<I have a question about the Klingon sisters.  In the original draft,  I
thought that I read somewhere that Lursa and B'etor launched an escape pod
from the Klingon ship and that Gwnyth and Barbara actually taped several 
more scenes but they were edited out for some reason.  Is there any truth to
this? And for just plain fact,  are the Duras sisters completely dead in the
Star Trek universe?  Are there any plans to bring about Lursa's son?>>

In the initial draft(s) of "Generations", we did indeed play a whole subplot
with the Duras sisters down on the planet surface along with the survivors 
of the Enterprise-D crash.  However, this sequence was eliminated well b
before comencement of principal photography, so the scenes Barbara and 
Gwnyth are refering to happened before the destruction of their ship.  
We consider them to be dead, and we have no plans to see Lursa's son.

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