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Date:  1/27/98 6:02:17 PM Mountain Standard Time
From:  RonDMoore

<<Seeing how, in all likelihood, next season will be DS9's last, do you anticipate
sitting down with the staff and actually working out how the season will go in more
detail than ever before? >>

We're starting to have general conversations right now and I think we'll definitely
scrutinize the last season more closely than any that's gone before.

<<How many episodes will you be writing this season?>>

I think I'll end up with five or six.

<<Have you seen "Far Beyond the Stars" cut together yet?  You mentioned that you had
high hopes for it.  How did it turn out, in your opinion?>>

I missed seeing the rough cut before Christmas, but I hear that it's an amazing

<<Any episodes that pair Sisko and Kira in the works?>>

Not at the moment.

<<Have you guys started formulating what you want to do in the season finale, and
the episodes leading up to it? >>

We're having a lot of discussions about it right now.

<<I am now currious, however, as to how closely (if at all) do the creative forces
of Voyager and Deep Space Nine collaberate, with one another, with respect to
episodes that may directly address or setup situations in the other?>>

This doesn't happen very often since our storylines seldom touch on each other's
turf.  I believe the Voyager folks did some research into the Dominion war before
doing "Message in a Bottle," but that's the last one I'm aware of that required any

<<Have you considered the possibility that Sisko does not live through the series,
that somwhow he is killed trying to stop Dukat from destroying Bajor?  Or is this
not possible becasue of possible movies?  >>

There are many possibilities and we're going to talk about them all.

<<Does the Dominion know that the Prophets are responsible for there ships being

At one point, we were going to make it explicit in "Statistical Probabilities" that
Weyoun knew about what really happened in the wormhole, but the script went in a
different direction in subsequent drafts.  At the moment, we can go either way but I
think we're still leaning toward the Dominion knowing what happened.

<<Any chance that Weyon might try to destroy Earth, like he talked about in
"Sacrfice the Angles"?>>

There's always a chance.

<<When will we see Weyon and Dumar again, and what is the next show that will bring
us up close with the war again?>>

Weyoun will appear in "Far Beyond the Stars" (sort of) and will be featured along
with Damar in the show that began shooting today, "In the Pale Moonlight."  It's a
Sisko show written by Michael Taylor which I've also been working on and the war
will be front and center.

<<If the Federation is at war, and DS9 is the station of the 9th fleet, how come all
Federation personel are not walking around witha  sidearm?  In war you never know
when you will need it!  Do the officers on the shps involved in the war carry a

It's a good point, but we've decided not to have sidearms all over the station.  We
do, however, have sidearms as a matter of course on the Defiant.

<<Any plans to see Suzi Goo again soon?>>

Yes, but nothing definite.

Subj:  Answers
Date:  1/27/98 6:22:54 PM Mountain Standard Time
From:  RonDMoore

<<What do you think of the whole Clinton thing?>>

When I first heard the news, I got a sick feeling in my stomach that I was about to
watch another national tragedy unfold.  To be honest, that feeling hasn't entirely
gone away.   But I also feel that I need more than the word of a 24 year-old intern
before I condemn a sitting president of misconduct warranting removal from office.
There better be some evidence out there and so far I haven't seen or heard anything
beyond rumor and innuendo.   That ain't enough.  This is heavy-duty stuff and if
we're going into "He said, She said" land then he gets the presumption of innocence
and that's it.  I don't personally give a rat's #$% what he may or may not have done
with this woman -- that's between him and Hilary and the rest of us should keep our
high and mighty judgements to ourselves (glass houses and all that).  All I care
about is if he looked us in the eye and lied about this.  And before I call him a
flat-out liar that has to be removed from office, I want PROOF.

<<The writers have set up a situation over the last several years whereby the
founders, especially Lady Changling (aka: Jezebel, Ms. Goo), have realized that the
only reason Odo has not yet returned to the Link is his love for a certain Major.
The female shapeshifter has indicated to the Vorta that Odo is more important to the
Founders than the whole Alpha Quadrant....Are you or any of the writers planning to
do an episode in the near future to deal with this situation?  Would Odo ever return
to the Link if he believed Kira was gone forever? >>

These are definitely issues that we're aware of and we do have plans to address them
in the future.

<<Do you know specifically the actual name of Odo's people?>>

No, other than Changelings.

<<I noticed you haven't mentioned anything about Dr. Bashir in your recent answers.
Do you have any more plans for his character development after "Inquisition"?>>

I'm sure we'll do more with Bashir, but we don't have one lined up yet.

<<are enlisted men required to attend a abbreviated course load at SF academy w/o
actually being in the Officer Training Program (ie. Star Fleet Academy lite)?  or is
there a seperate training facility for training enlisted personnel (ie. SF Boot Camp
and later SF Tech Training Schools)?>>

Our thinking is that there are presumably some kind of training and education
courses designed for enlisted personnel.  In fact, I seem to recall Crewman Tarses
mentioning something about this in "The Drumhead."

<<Will Odo ever be a hero again?  >>

I think of him as a hero now, albeit a flawed one.

<<If he had wanted it, and if Central Command had told him to leave the planet dead
(as we have been told)...why didn't he?...You said...I think in the interview with
Karla... that Dukat wanted the Bajorans to love him... why that if he hated them?
You also said that when you guys were tossing around the 'Dukat's head' ideas, he
had fantasized this reality where he was the Beloved leader of both Cardassia and
Bajor... again, how does that match with his hate?>>

On the first point, Dukat's loathing and hatred of the Bajorans wasn't something he
ever consciously admitted to himself until "Waltz" -- that's the revelation of the
episode.   On the second point, I don't see anything incompatible in the idea that
Dukat wanted to be loved by those he despised.  This seems to me like a complex, yet
very believable, dynamic.  I think you could find many, many instances where a
person both loves and hates another person for very complex reasons.  Dukat's
egotistical need to be loved doesn't seem to be in conflict with his need to
dominate and rule.  In fact, one could argue that it was the Bajorans' refusal to
love him (in his somewhat twisted view of reality) that prompted him to hate them.
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