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Date:  98-01-30 13:55:39 EST
From:  RonDMoore

<<What other areas of AOL do you visit?>>

I surf about occasionally, but there's nothing I visit with much frequency 
beyond this board on AOL.  I'm a frequent reader of the ESPNet NFL website 
and I sometimes use the net to look for a specific piece of research, but 
that's about it.

<<i think i asked this before but, where do the changlings do all this 
genetic enhancement? Are they that advanced that they do it themselves?  And
why do they bother?  The female changling made it clear that she didn't care
about the alpha quadrant, and she cared about Odo more.  Why don't the 
changlings just hide somewhere so they can be alone?  >>

I think the Changelings are the ones who design the genetic coding they wish
to be done and then the Vorta carry it out.  While Odo does matter to the 
Female Shapeshifter more than the Alpha Quadrant, that's not to say that 
they don't care about the AQ at all.  They are driven to bring "order" to 
he galaxy and hence their need for domination.

<<And (sorry) how can Odo change his shape without altering his mass? If he
turns into a rat, wouldn't he be an extremly heavy rat? What happens to his
mass? Sorry about all the ?s>>

I have no idea.  Robert Wolfe was a proponent of the theory that the 
Changelings use some sort of subspace "pocket" to store additional mass 
during a morph, but we've been careful not to address this issue directly 
since it's a good question without a really good answer.

<<I'm just curious about the Romulans. Do you think you'll get any in this 
season, and if not this season, next?>>

You will definitely see a Romulan or two this year.

<<There seems to be a shortage of Odo episodes this season (of course, last
season spoiled me, there were so many wonderful ones!).  Are there any more
Odo eps in the works for this season?>>

Yes.  At least one and possibly two or three.

<<So I can't figure out why Linda Tripp or the media (and I'm certainly no 
fan of the media) are the objects of such scorn, instead of two *known* 
liars. Since when do we coddle liars and spew our bile at those who dare to
expose them? >>

Because we also have a healthy distaste for informers and muck-rakers.

<<In the first two seasons of DS9 the planet Bajor and the plight of the 
Bajorans were featured strongly as the main theme of the show, since season
7 will (presumably) be the last is there any plans to start featuring more 
or at least stronger Bajor Themes. >>

Bajor and the Emissary will be strong elements from now until the end of the

<<As several people have mentioned, haven't the Bajorans already given up 
their neutral status by letting Starfleet use DS9 for war operations? So are
we going to see the Bajorans take an active part in the war as allies to the

You're probably right.  We haven't dealt with this head-on, but it makes 
sense that the Bajorans have dropped any pretense at this point and thrown 
in with the Federation.  At the same time, this must be reconciled with 
Sisko's admonition that Bajor has to stay out of the fighting, so that's why
I'm not saying that it's a clear-cut alliance just yet.

<<I know you're interested in military history, so do you think there's an 
analogy between the British during the Second World War, and Bajor in the 
current situation?>>

Not really.  Britain fought alone against Hitler for two years before the US
came into the war and Bajor has not openly taken up arms against the 
Dominion (that we've seen) and certainly did not fight alone.

<<Since you are one of the architects of this space program, what do you 
think about the NASA space program? >>

I'd like to see a return to the moon and the establishment of a moon base. 
Although Mars beckons, I think the moon would be easier, faster and cheaper
to reach.  From a public relations standpoint, I think there's something to 
be said for pursuing a goal that is tangible to the public and there's 
nothing quite as "real" as stepping outside, looking up at the moon, and 
saying "We are up THERE."

Subj:  Answers
Date:  98-01-30 14:12:55 EST
From:  RonDMoore

<< I have found that I can't bare watching what is being done to Gul Dukat.I
liked him as he was before the Way Of The Warrior.I do not like the intent 
on making him an evil nazi type person.So I am going on strike.....>>

"Paramount Unfair to Gul Dukat!"  "Oppressors of the World Unite!"

<<Are they going to bring Keevan back?>>

We might clone him at some point, but we have no current plans to do so.

<<No "purportedly" about it. Clinton *did* lie. He looked at that camera 
in 1992 and said that he did not have an affair with Gennifer Flowers. He 
said it repeatedly. Two weeks ago he said that he *did* have an affair with

Actually, Clinton looked at the camera and said that he had caused "pain in
his marriage."   I doubt there were five people in America who did not think
this meant he had indeed had an affair.   Let's get real here -- we knew 
he'd had an affair with Gennifer Flowers and that all he was denying was her
contention that it had lasted 12 years.  We elected him anyway.  Twice.

<<   <... commies, fascist and the like believed that the end justified
the means.> Yes...I thought of *exactly* the same thing when the White House
illegally obtained 900+ FBI files.>>

Did someone get hurt in "Filegate"?  Was anyone ever accused of even trying 
to do something nefarious in this overwrought tale of bureaucratic bungling?
Other than the *potential* for misdeeds, was there ever even a suggestion of
what anyone would want with that many files?  Ms. Tripp on the other hand, 
has surely injured a great many people without so much as a single positive 
result so far.  At this point, not even the ends have justified her means.

Subj:  Answers
Date:  98-01-30 17:59:35 EST
From:  RonDMoore

<<So who are your favorite NFL teams?  Will LA get another team soon?  Who 
will it be and where will they play?  And do you think Seattle will entice 
Holmgren to leave Greenbay?>>

I am a long-time Miami Dolphin fan, with second favorites Denver, San 
Francisco, and Carolina.  I love to hate the Cowboys.  LA does not look like
it will land a franchise any time soon, and I personally hope we get an 
expansion team in a new stadium built near Dodger Stadium.  (The Coliseum is
a crummy place to watch a game.)  I doubt that Holmgren will leave Green 

<<in the "Far Beyond the Stars" spoilers folder, Bop said he was told to 
hide the folder back when it was opened, and only now re-opened it "with the
approval of DS9 production". Any special reason for this?>>

I wage a continuing battle to keep as much spoiler information off the 
boards (and off the net) as possible.  I've been known to write private 
e-mail to posters asking them not to reveal plot details they may be privy 
to and nine times out of ten I'll get a very nice e-mail back saying they'd 
be happy to keep it to themselves.  With "Far Beyond the Stars" I saw some 
plot info crop up that I thought was waaaay too specific and I asked BOP to 
hold the folder until the information became more generally known.  It was a
favor and I appreciated it.

<<I have a follow-up question dealing with the philosophy of Trekonomics: Do
you think that there will be anything that will follow or modify capitalism
in the near future?... What alternative do you see to the present system, or
do you think that this system is good enough as it is?>>

I believe in capitalism, but I think it could definitely be a "kinder, 
gentler" economic system.  I believe government should provide a safety net,
guarantee health benefits, protect the environment, fight poverty -- you 
know, all those vile liberal things that Reagan demonized.

<<Clinton's lawyer, "Uncle Bob" Bennett told Newsweek that Tripp "is not to 
be believed."  Having your veracity challenged in a national publication 
might drive one to unusual lengths to prove your case.>>

Like set-up my friend and betray her to the entire world in order to protect
*me*? Yeah, that's noble.

<<"I'm only 16."  Okay, how about this angle:  how would you feel if your 
best friend started going with your dad?>>

Talk about blurring the lines.  Setting aside for the moment the seemingly
irrelevant question of whether or not Clinton actually had an affair with 
this woman, Monica Lewinsky is NOT 16.  She's 24.  The last time I checked,
21 is legally an adult in every state in the union.  If you're going to 
suggest that people in their twenties shouldn't be involved with people in 
their fifties, I suppose that's your right, but let's not pretend that it's
that unseemly or even that uncommon in this country.

<<Does the plot in the upcoming episode "Far Beyond the Stars" directly or
indirectly affect the characters on DS9, or will it not have anything 
with the regular DS9 besides DS9's being written in a novel?>>

I'd rather not discuss plot points until after the episode has aired.

<<Will Prometheus-class starships be used in future episodes of DS9 or the 
ST9 movie?>>

We haven't talked about it on DS9 and I don't know anything about the movie.

<<Charles Colson went to prison for having only ONE FBI file in his 
possession. Having over 900 such files is not bungling, it is a major 
federal crime.  Why the whole lot wasn't tossed into prison on this one is 
still mystifying.>>

One would hope that a CRIME is actually committed before anyone is thrown 
into prison.  As I recall, Colson was actively engaged in seeking out and 
damaging Nixon's enemies and was illegally using the Justice Department for 
that end.  There was *intent* to commit a crime.  So far, no one has even 
suggested what purpose could've been served by the transfer of files to the
Clinton White House, much less pointed to any specific violation of the law.
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