Subject: Answers
Date: Mon, Mar 23, 1998 16:23 EST
From: RonDMoore

<<is "Out of Time" are second eps. for O'Brien????????????  One time you
mentioned that Rene was in the process of writing a second O'Brien eps. and
I am curious if this is it??????????  Also, is Molly still 5 or did Miles 
miss her birthday while the war was going on???????  I would also like to 
say it will be nice reunion to finally have Miles reunited with his family!!!
One last question, how
will Keiko and family handle have Chester the cat around their

"Out of Time" is indeed the second O'Brien episode of the season and all of
the above questions will be answered in that show.

<<Regarding your answer to the "Oh, my . . . " question -- did William 
Shatner drop any hints to you as to what he thought Kirk saw at the moment
of death?>>

Not really.  His notion was that it was the afterlife, or the next life, or
another life or something.

<<Is there any chance we will see the return of the genetically-enhanced
beings from "Statistical Improbabilities" in future DS9 episodes?  These
characters seemed extremely interesting and promising.>>

There is a possibility and we have discussed several different story ideas
featuring them -- none in active development yet, however.

<<Are Changelings soluble in water?>>

Yes.  In fact, we're going to do an episode where Sisko accidently drinks a
Changeling that was hiding in a glass as a piece of ice in Quark's when the
Captain ordered some water...

<<Ron, I assume that Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens� book "The Art Of 
Star Trek" can be considered official. It says that the Defiant is a Valiant
-class vessel because Valiant was the first name the Defiant should get. But
recently (march 5th or so) you said that "The Valiant" plays on a Defiant-
class vessel.
What am I to believe now? Is the Defiant Defiant-class or is she Valiant-

The assumptions that were made in "The Art of Star Trek" were just that --
assumptions.  There was nothing wrong with them believing that the Defiant 
was a Valiant-class ship, but in the upcoming episode, "Valiant" it is 
established in dialog that these ships are all technically Defiant-class.  

<<Also, Ron, someone posted a message on the TrekWeb message boards with 
your name regarding the cost of making "Sacrifice of Angels."  Was this 
really you?>>

I have never posted anything to TrekWeb and I certainly have never quoted any
production figures for any episode of the series.

<<For the beginning of Season 5 there was talk that the first 10 episodes
would be filmed in a "different" way that ever done before in Trek.  That
didn't happen, but what exactly was being considered as "different"?>>

I believe that Ira (who I believe gave this quote originally) was simply
trying to convey the idea that the first 10 were going to be much more
interconnected than we had ever done up to that time.  There might have been
a vague idea about shooting them in a different filmic style, but I don't 
think that notion ever got very far.

<< RDM: < We always wanted a Klingon ship to destroy the Enterprise, but 
there was debate about the costs of building a new Klingon vessel vs. 
recycling the Bird of Prey.  In the end, the money argument won the day. >  

Why didn't you just use a Klingon Attack Cruiser, like the ones from
"Redemption" and "The Way of the Warrior"?>>

The feeling was that the Attack Cruiser wouldn't look that sexy on the big
screen and the only practical options were the BofP or a new ship.

<<If "Out Of Time" Is episode #24 (I think it is, or is it 25?) Can you give
us any more titles?>>

"Out of Time" is episode 24.  Other titles are still TBD.

<<Ron, you mentioned that the Romulans will be involved in DS9 during this
season after all (YES!!!), can you tell us anything more about this and when
we can expect them to show up?>>

All I'll say is to look for them in episode 19, "In the Pale Moonlight."

<<When will we see the large focus of the war come back to the more personal

The above mentioned show will be a war-themed story that is very personal to
Sisko.  Also "Valiant" and the final episode will feature personal stories 
set against the unfolding events of the war.

<<Had the Federation officially declared war against the Dominion?  Or is it
just a "police action" or something.>>

There was a formal declaration of war.
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