Subject: Answers
Date: 3/30/98 9:52 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: RonDMoore
Message-id: <>

<<In Bajoran families when two people marry, whose name becomes the family
name?The father's name??? Or the mother's name???>>

I think we've established that it's the paternal family name.

<<Are there any blood relatives left from Kira's family with the Kira 
surname who are of childbearing age who could perpetuate the family name?>>

Not that I know of.

<<Of is Kira Nerys the last Kira left? And when she dies, will the Kira name
die with her?>>

I believe so -- but all of this could change, of course.

<<Do the Founders have any plans of ridding the quadrant of one Major Kira 
who has been the one major reason as to why Odo has not returned to the link?

You'll have to wait and see next season...


I have surfed the Trekweb boards on occasion, as well as the Usenet boards 
and those at The Great Link, but that's about it.  I have never posted 
directly to anything other than AOL, however, and any messages to the 
contrary are not to be believed.


This would be a reasonable assumption, but for clarity and (most of all)
monetary reasons, we'll only show the established Starfleet-type vessels on


I believe Brannon was misquoted and that Voyager is not returning to Earth
next season.

<<  RDM:  <Bottom line -- if you hate the direction we're going in, don't

I know I'm going to get socked in the mouth for saying this, but isn't this
a little arrogant and irresponsible?  I mean, to disagree with a viewer is
fine, but is it wise to turn away your  customers?  I know that the whole, 
"Gene would never approve" argument gets a little old, but do you, 
Ron Moore, believe that Gene would approve of the direction that Star Trek 
has gone, whether or not you think it matters? >>

I'm not turning away any "customers."  If you're interested in what I, and 
the rest of the DS9 staff, have to offer you in the way of entertainment, 
have a seat and enjoy the show.  But if you hate what we're doing, if you 
completely reject our vision of the series, and you think that we are 
sullying the name of Star Trek with our dark deeds, then I don't see why you
should continue to waste your time with us.

The question of whether Gene would or would not like what we're doing is
virtually impossible to answer.  Contrary to popular belief, Gene did not 
have a single, consistent vision of Star Trek and what he wanted it to be.
He was a creative man, and his thinking constantly evolved and changed, even
in the last years of his life.  Would he have even liked the concept of DS9?
Maybe, maybe not.  I don't know if Gene would've ever wanted to see stories 
told about anything or anyone not connected to a starship named Enterprise.
On the other hand, I would like to think that he'd appreciate good 
storytelling and that he might be proud of us.  I honestly don't know the 
answer and anyone who says they do is full of superheated deuterium.

<<Star Trek fans are the reason Ron Moore has the job he has.  It's a pity 
he apparently doesn't care what we think of the show, and it does make me 
wonder why he bothers with this board.>>

This is a silly statement.  Obviously I care or I wouldn't keep doing this.
I'm very interested in what you all think of the show, but I'm not going to
beg you for your patronage, nor tell you that I agree with you when I don't.
That's the respect I have for this forum -- if I'm going to participate, I'm
going to tell you the truth.

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