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Subject: RonDMoore Answers
Date: Thursday, April 02, 1998 8:09 PM

<<why doesn't the Federation use telepaths to gather intelligence on enemy
forces?  Betazoids are a prime example.  Are the Jem'Hadar and Vorta 
designed to be immune to telepathy?  It would make sense, but the Federation
should at least try using telepaths, just in case.>>

It makes perfect sense and I would assume that Starfleet Intelligence is 
chock full o' Betazoids and the like.

<<Also, is there any word yet on Federation use of weapons of mass
destruction?  Federation races like the Terrans, Vulcans, and Betazoids 
might have rules against that sort of thing, but what about races like the
Andorians?  I also doubt that the Klingons would have any such reservations
about using devastating weapons.>>

This is something we've talked about in the most general terms, and it may
crop up next year.

<<will you plan to include Picard in the DS9 series finale, or does that
violate the 'property of the movie franchise' law?>>

I doubt we'll put Picard in the finale.  He was in the pilot episode to
provide an element of continuity with the Treks that had gone before in the
same way that McCoy's appearance in the TNG pilot tied it into TOS.  The 
final episode of DS9 should be about our own characters.

<<Do you like it when people are off topic??? >>

Sure.  Some of it I find interesting, some I don't.  

<<I noticed a VHS copy of the Next Generation episode "Relics" at a local
store.  On the back, it said "Written by Donald D. Moore."  Was this a type-

Oh, yes...

<<Does Kira truly hate Dukat with all her heart?>>

If not all of her heart, than with great big chunks of it.

<<About the legend of Kahless: Is this at all based on Arthurian legend? 
There are a lot of parallels that can be drawn: formation of empire, the 
"sword in/from the stone" bit, struggle against your family... etc.>>

There are a lot of inspirations for the stories of Kahless, from King Arthur
to Jesus to Viking lore.

<<Sorry, but I've just got to ask this: In "You are Cordially Invited", what
was Morn doing on the floor with the flame thrower?  >>

Then there is the love whose name we dare not speak...

<<Last night, I watched "Generations" and "1st Contact" back to back, and
noticed something in Generations I hadn't noticed before...on scenes on the
Enterprise-B bridge, Scotty is walking around the bridge in the background,
with a reporter following him, with Kirk in the forground (either talking to
Harrington or being introduced to Demora, I can't rememeber which).  After
they tour the ship, as Kirk, Scotty and Chekov are re-entering the bridge,
Scotty is shooing away the reporters.
Was James Doohan's actions towards the reporters scripted, or
was that the director's idea? Whoever is responsible gave me a laugh!>>

I believe that Scotty's actions were something that the director came up 
with, but I'd have to go check the script to be certain.

<<On to "1st Contact": When scripting the scene where Picard apologizes to
Worf for calling him a coward, did you intend to pull on the heartstrings 
with the "you may be the bravest man I know", followed with a handshake? To
me, the way the line was delivered, with the specific music, made for quite
a sentimental scene. >>

We didn't see this as a sentimental moment, but you're right -- the way
Patrick played it along with the score turned this into a touching beat.

<<Hey ron, I heard that lance henriskson was going to be playing some alien
on DS9. Is it true?>>

No, but I'd love to have him on the show.

<<Is "Valiant" the last episode you're writing (or wrote) this season, or is
there one more?>>

No, my last episode is shooting right now -- #25 "The Sound of Her Voice"

<<Can you tease us a bit about the season finale yet?  Will it be a series-
shattering "Call to Arms" type episode, or a more intimate, character-
altering "Broken Link" type episode?>>

It will be BIG.

<<Anything that compares to "Far Beyond the Stars" in terms of quality in 
the remaining ten episodes left in the sixth season?  Something you have a
good feeling will knock our socks off?>>

We feel really good about "In the Pale Moonlight" "His Way" and "Valiant",
which have all been completed.  We're excited about the season finale, but
it's still being written at this point.  "Far Beyond..." will probably be 
in a class by itself, however.

<<Are you and the staff worried at all about the potential (and some say
likely) actors strike that may hit just before you would begin shooting the
seventh season?>>

It's a concern, but the SAG deadline is end of June, so there's still plenty
of time for a deal.

<<The other day, a thought occured to me.why doesn't anyone mention the Beta
Quadrent?!  I mean, the Klingons and Romulans are there, right?  So does the
mean that the War is actually for the Alpha AND Beta Quads since it's the
Federation and Klingon Empire vs. the Dominion?  Just a little (and probably
irrelavant) question that occured to me..>>

As a matter of fact, I just threw in a passing reference to the Beta 
Quadrant in my last script.

<<Ron (and anyone else who cares to state their opinion...) what do you 
think is going to have to happen for the Federation to win this war?  Do you
think the only way to win is the total annihilation of the Dominion?>>

We have some ideas... but I can't tell them to you.

<<In FBTS was the absent-minded writer portrayed by Colm Meaney based on any
particular writer? >>

Not that I know of, although the references to his love of robots could be
taken as an homage to Isaac Asimov.

<<As someone with a background and interest in history and political science
what do you think of the federal court's decision to dismiss plaintiff's
Complaint in the Paul Jones matter?  How do you think it will play around 
the country?>>

I thought the judge's decision was correct.  From what I could see, Paula
Jones just didn't have much of a case and it is entirely proper for a judge
to dismiss a suit that doesn't hold up to scrutiny.  I think most of the 
country is relieved that we won't have to suffer through a long and 
protracted trial of a sitting president -- I know I am.  I also hope that 
when this all cools down a bit that Congress will pass a law exempting 
presidents from being forced to answer civil suits while in office.  Clearly
the  Supreme Court's belief that Jones v. Clinton wouldn't take up much of 
the president's time or impact on the nation's business has not been borne 
out and the Congress should take steps to prevent this kind of thing from 
happening in the future.

<<Do you read any of the Internet Trek reviewers (Tim Lynch, Jammer, Brian 
Snorf, ect.) and what do you think of their insights?>>

I've read their reviews, but I'd rather not critique their critiques.

<<Do you have any favorite Deep Space Nine directors? >>

Although I have worked with many good directors, I'd like to single out Mike
Vejar, who has directed three of my scripts ("Darkness and the Light" "Rocks
and Shoals" and the upcoming "Valiant").  I really admire Mike's work and 
I've found working with him to be a wonderful experience.  Each time I' 
worked with
him, I felt that he took my material and made it better than it was on the
page -- as a writer, I'm not sure what more I can ask for in a
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