Subject: Answers
Date: Fri, Apr 3, 1998 21:16 EST
From: RonDMoore

<<"The Sound of Her Voice"-  Since this is the season finale which you said
was going to be BIG, will this plot(whatever it is) be resolved in this
episode or will it continue as a two parter that opens up the 7th season?  Or
will it have repercussions throughout the 7th season?>>

"... Voice" is episode 25.  The finale is episode 26, and has not been
officially named yet.  It will not be a two-parter, but will have a huge
impact on the 7th season.

<<Have you been in contact with Brannon Braga lately?  I've heard he's getting
promoted to executive producer on Voyager.  If so, what has he said about

Just talked to Brannon yesterday (he's on vacation).  He will be the Exec Prod
in charge of the writing staff next season and he's really looking forward to

<<Did you and the staff pull out some jokes for each other on April Fools

Not this year -- too tired.

<<  RDM: <I also hope that when this all cools down a bit that Congress will
pass a law exempting presidents from being forced to answer civil suits while
in office.>

Wouldn't this make the President truly above the law?>>

I'm suggesting we delay action on a civil claim, not make the President immune
to such claims.  I think if nothing else, the Jones case has proven that
having the head of state dragged through ligitation is an enormous distraction
for both the President and the nation.  I see nothing wrong with putting the
interests of the country temporarily above that of a single plaintiff as long
as the plaintiff eventually gets their day in court.  
Members of the armed forces are afforded the same protection while on active
duty and I don't think they're considered "above the law."  

<<Do you see more emphasis on the war and its impact during DS9's 7th


<<Will the events in "A Time to Stand" (destruction of ketracel white supply)
ever be addressed and the Dominion's solution for it?>>

I think we'll address this next year in more detail, but we have said that the
Dominion is manufacting new Jem'Hadar soldiers and making new Alpha Quadrant-
based supplies of White.

<<I was wondering, will the Garak/Dukat thread ever be addressed before the
series ends?  By that, I mean the fact that Dukat hates Garak for tourturing
his father....will our newly-vengful Gul possible go after our favorite local

We definitely want to deal with this next year.

<<I was wondering, in an episode a few season back Dukat was reunited with his
daughter Ziyal (?). Ziyal was a bajorean/Cardassian mix, and so I am currious
if Kira and Ziyal could have been half-sisters?>>

We toyed with this idea during the development of "Wrongs..." but decided not
to go this way.
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