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Date: Fri, May 1, 1998 18:49 EDT
From: RonDMoore
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<<I ask you this, as you worked on both of my favorite series (TNG / DS9), 
TNG seemed to be more plot-oriented w/ subtle sub-plots and profound 
correlations to real life in general.  The characters helped perpetuate the 
story.  DS9 seems to
be more character oriented, with plots derived from the numerous
characters, thus leaving miniscule and irrelevant roles for certain
characters in certain episodes.  do you find this conclusion

I agree that DS9 is much more character-oriented than TNG.  Part of this
difference is due to the way the two shows were designed and part of it is a
result of the preferences of the writing staffs.  At its inception, TNG was
designed as a follow-on to TOS and the characters were set in places already
trod by Kirk & Co.  Just as TOS was an action-oriented and plot-driven show,
so was TNG at the outset.  When Michael Piller came aboard in season 3, the
focus shifted to the characters and we attempted to concentrate our efforts 
on fleshing out a bridge crew that had not had a lot of development up until
then.  Even so, TNG's format lent itself to being more of a plot-driven show
by the nature of the Enterprise mission -- boldy go each week and find a new
story each week.

DS9, on the other hand, was concieved as a different type of show.  The
characters were front and center right from the pilot.  "Emissary" was about
Benjamin Sisko.   You won't find such a deeply personal journey for the lead
character in pilots of TOS, TNG, or VOY.  DS9 was meant to be about our
people, not our ship or our situation.  As for this "leaving miniscule and
irrelevant roles for certain characters in certain episodes," I suppose you
could say that not every member of the ensemble cast gets an equal amount of
time in each story, but I'd say that overall in the series they all get
sufficient screentime.

<<Was the USS Cairo mentioned in "In the Pale Moonlight" the same Excelsior-
class from TNG's "Chain of Command" under Capt. Edward Jelico?  Was he
promoted or something?  Will we be seeing him on DS9 since he's an expert on
Cardassian affairs?>>

Same ship, different captain.  Jellicoe's probably an admiral by now, but we
don't have any plans on bringing him back next season.

<<IF Dax dies in the DS9 season finale, shouldn�t it have consequences on
Worf�s character especially regarding the next Star Trek film. I mean, since
the filming has already started, did you talk back with the movie�s authors
and will it be mentioned?>>

Michael and Rick are certainly aware of Dax's departure and the impact on

<<When "His Way" was being written, did you have any idea that it would be
aired the same week as TVLand's broadcast of a recently discovered 1965 
Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin/Sammy Davis Jr. concert? And, moreover, that both
shows would emphasize some of the same songs (especially "I've Got You Under
My Skin")? What does this"Rat Pack" fad mean, anyway? Is it related to the 
return of martinis and cigar bars?>>

Although we knew about the '65 concert (and Ira had even seen it at the TV
Museum in Beverly Hills) we didn't know that it would be broadcast on TV 
Land the same week as "His Way."  Whatever the resurgence of the Rat Pack 
means, I for one am glad to see it.  (Dino Forever!)  And as for the return
of martinis and cigars -- did they ever go away?  Not in my house they 
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