Subject: Answers
Date: Wed, Jul 1, 1998 17:26 EDT
From: RonDMoore
Message-id: <>

Just hopped in for a minute, but had to clear up something:

<<Originally, it was supposed to be Dax on the Defiant (she does slightly
outrank Worf by time in grade, and besides, he was busy), with Kira back on
DS9 having a near-fatal encounter with Dukat in the shrine (she was only going
to be left in a coma).  When the evil Uberlords decreed that Terry Farrell
wasn't worth keeping around, it was decided that Dax must die, and in that
great Trek tradition begun with Generations, the plot was twisted to serve the
needs of the agenda at hand, to punish Terry for daring to defy the front

Although this was posted with an air of authority, it is flatly untrue.  There
was never a version of "Tears of the Prophets" in which Dax went on the
Defiant and Kira had some sort of encounter with Dukat in the shrine.  Not
even at the conceptual level.  The confrontation with Dukat was scripted
expressly for Dax.  Also, it was Terry's decision to leave the show, not the
"evil Uberlords".   While you are welcome to criticize the story/script of
"Tears..." and the creative decisions made by the writing staff, you should
not invent tales of "twisted" story development and evil "agendas" in order to
support your position.
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