Subject: Answers
Date: Wed, Aug 12, 1998 14:45 EDT
From: RonDMoore
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<<Will we see Dukat, Kai Winn, or Keiko in any of the first few episodes?>>

Not in the first half dozen.

<<Are you or have you written an episode yet for this season?  If so, can 
you tell us something about it?  Any more episode titles that you know of?>>

The season opens with a two-parter called "Image in the Sand" and "Shadows 
and Symbols."  The opener will deal with the fallout from the season six 
finale, Sisko's quest to "make things right again," Worf's reaction to the 
death of Jadzia, Kira confronting a Romulan problem on the station, and the
introduction of the new Dax host.  Episode #3 is called "Afterimage" and 
will deal with the new Dax host.  I wrote episode #4, which is shooting 
right now, it's called "Take me out to the Holosuite," and you guessed it --
we're finally doing a baseball show.  Episode #5 is called "Chrysalis" and 
features the return of the Jack Pack.

<<You, and several others have said that there isn't a new Trek series
currently being planned. In your opinion, is this just something that hasn't
been done yet, possibly in order to give Voyager its shot in the sun, or is
there an actual sense that there are enough episodes between the four series
to keep the strip syndication market satisfied, and therefore, there's no
sense in going forward with another series, at least at this time?>>

My feeling is that not only should Voyager gets its time to shine on its own
(something DS9 never got, by the way) but also that the Trek franchise needs 
a breather before going on to the next series.

<<This is probably been answered before but...Was the legend of Kahless
influenced by the Legend of King Arthur?  i.e.  The Sword of Kahless =

It was certainly one of the influences, but I believe the Holy Grail and 
other legends had an impact on the thinking of Rene and Hans when they 
wrote that show.

<<Do you have any plans to add any other new ships (Federation or otherwise)
to this year's battles?  Do you have the budget to add ships, to create more
background depth for Starfleet, or do you have to keep things pretty tight?
Will we be seeing some all out battles in Season 7? >>

We only spend the money for new starships when there's a real need to do so.
At the moment, we have no plans for new Fed ships, but you never know.  One 
of the plot-lines in the opening two-parter will culminate in a big space 
battle sequence and we have two war-heavy episodes planned after the first 

<< Are there any more plans to take a look
at Kira's dark past ? And since Kira is one of the
two most important characters on the show, have
you and the writing staff been busy laying out a
character arc for her this season as you are doing
for Sisko ? Will there be any new developments 
for the character this season ? And do you think Kira
has less of a professional and personal relationship
with her captain compared to the other Trek first
officers ?>>

We don't have any shows planned to deal with her "dark past" but we have a
plan for her arc over the course of the year and we know what's going to
happen to her in the end.  I'd say that Kira isn't as close to Sisko as the
other Trek first officers have been to their captains, but I like that 
little distance and think it adds a lot to the chemistry of the show.

<<Mr. Moore, a few months ago you wrote in a 
response that Bajor and Sisko's relationship
with the planet would be the dominant theme
for the remaining episodes of the series. So far
I've only seen Bajor dealt with indirectly through
the relationship between Sisko and the Prophets.
Will we finally see more of the world itself like
in the first two seasons ? Will we see more of its
politicians, more of its former terrorists/freedom
fighters ? Will we get a chance to see the political
conflict that may exist within its ruling fractions:
government, religious and military ? Are there any
Bajorans who may be atheists and do not care about
Sisko's position as the Emissary ? And finally has
Bajor officially ended its nonagression pact with
the Dominion ?>>

We'll return to Bajor this year, but most of our Bajor-related shows will
still take place on the station, primarily for budgetary reasons.  And while
we have plans for shows dealing with political and religious intrigue on
Bajor, we will continue to view those stories through their impact on our
characters.  Bajor has ended its nonagression pact.

<<OK, come on admit it.. aren't you just a tiny little bit jealous that your
buddy is now an Executive Producer, and you're still sporting a "Co"
qualifier?  :D
Morover, what if after the season was over, Brannon asked you to join him as
C-EP? Would you consider it?>>

Hey, I'd love to move up to the next rung on the credit ladder, but DS9
already has two show-runners, Ira and Rick, and the full Exec title is
reserved for those positions.  I'm also very happy doing what I do and don't
have any complaints.  Brannon is running the VOY writing staff and he's 
earned that credit.  I'd listen to anything Brannon had to say, but I doubt 
that I'd continue with Trek beyond this year.

<<And if Ron truly does wish to continue defending himself against
accussations of mysogyny (and gosh, why wouldn't he?), Luv has created a 
"Ism" folder just for him!!  Right here in "The Ron D. Moore Discussion 
Board." (Not even John Ordover gets his own board!)  Just a couple extra 
mouse-clicks away!!  

As for what Ron's actual opinion is, let's let him voice it himself, shall

And Ron is.... a little tired of it.  It seems like the "isms" folder is 
where this discussion belongs and if it engages me again over there, I'll 
respond to in that folder.
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