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Subject: Answers
Date: Thu, Oct 1, 1998 14:52 EDT
From: RonDMoore
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<<I've heard that the 9th episode may also involve Garak. Can you tell us

Episode 9 does not feature Garak, although he was featured in an early draft
of the story.

<<In all the Star Trek universe, what is your favorite starship (Federation 
or Non)?
And is it because of its looks or something else?>>

My personal favorite is the Enterprise-A.  I think it's a beautiful and 
sleek ship that photographs well from many different angles, unlike the 
E-D which looked awkward from all but a few well-chosen angles.

<<In, "The Pale Moonlight" (which I find to be the best DS9 Episode ever
written by you guys over on the paramount lot), the episode depicted Sisko 
as pathetically desperate man. This portration of Sisko clearly brought on 
the fact that Sisko, has always been a moral and proud man. Was your intent 
to show that man will forget everything that he/she represents, or stands 
for, if it means as
Sisko put it, "1 more for the good guys?">>

The intent was to show to what extremes even a moral and proud man can be
driven to given the right circumstances.  Sisko did believe in the goal, but
had trouble dealing with what he had to do to achieve it.

<<Mr. Moore, what do you think of this Bring Back Kirk nonsense cropping up
these days?>>

Same as I've always thought -- it's a bad idea.

<<Remember the episode with Eddington when they introduced the holo-hail
device in the back of the Defiant bridge? are we ever going to see that 

Although I really like the holo-communicator, mine is a minority opinion on
this one and I don't think we'll be seeing it again.

<<If and when a new Star Trek series is created, would you consider working 
on it?>>

I'd certainly consider it.

<<It was said in the TNG episode "The Outrageous Okona" that lasers will not
even pierce the navigational deflectors. Does this mean that no laser,
regardless of how much power is pumped into it, regardless of what portion 
of the EM spectrum is utilized, will EVER be able to harm a Federation 
Starship? I also would like to know precisely why Federation Shipwrights 
feel the need to make navigational deflectors impervious to photons. Does 
this protection extend to X-Rays, Gamma Rays, Microwaves, Radio Waves, and 
all the other parts of the EM Spectrum? If so, how does a Federation 
Starship manage to get any
sensory information with the Nav Deflectors shoving all the radiation away
from the ship? If Federation Ships deflect photons as is implied, how is it
that they are visible? Wouldn't the deflection of all light make them

You have exceeded my knowledge of (TECH) in Trek -- which is all too easy, 
I'm afraid.

<<Will he see all the Species that we have come to like and love from the
Original Series?? I.E. Vulcans, Klingons, Romulans... and so on this coming

The Big Three you've mentioned will definitely be seen this year, but don't
look for Gorns, Tholians, or Andorians.

<<Are we ever going to find out more about the true origins of Odo? 
Not just where he came from because we pretty much know that...more or
less...but whether or not Jezebel was lying to Odo when she told him that he
was one of 100 baby changelings sent forth to explore the galaxy... >>

We're talking about filling in more of the background on Odo and the 
Founders, but as of now we believe she was telling him the truth 
about his origins.

<<Mr. Moore, I purchased the long awaited book Imzadi ll by Peter David. The
story ties up some plot lines such as the love story of Worf and Deanna Troi
and the fate of Tom Riker. There are appearences by almost all the 
characters, such as Lwaxana and Gawron. Many of these characters, you have 
said will not be appearing in the final season of DS9. Therefore my question
 to you is, are we to consider the book "cannon?" >>

None of the books should be considered canon.

<<Second, whose idea was it to have Deanna Troi and Worf fall in love?>>

It was something that the TNG writing staff came up with.  We thought there
was an interesting chemistry between the two characters and we decided to
explore it.

<<Mr. Moore, I must say that Jake hasn't exactly made
anyone forget Edward R. Murrow. When will he do
some ACTUAL reporting? During the first six episodes
of the sixth season, it seemed he was doing a report for high
school rather than actual reporting. It was a waste to
even have him stay on the station during "Call to Arms"
because nothing really came out of this. And during "Tears
of the Prophets" not only did Jake leave the bridge to
escort his father to his room and as a result stopped
covering the battle (which was his job), he goes back
with his father to Earth when Sisko decides to leave DS9.
How can Jake cover the war from New Orleans ? Isn't he
his own man and,  shouldn't he had allowed his father to go 
back home without accompanying him ? I think Jake as
a character has regressed since his outstanding develop-
ment in 5th season's episodes "Nor the Battle to the Strong"
and "In the Cards." One prime example of this regression
was in "The Valiant." In that episode Jake talks down to the 
Red Squad captain by saying how much a better captain
his daddy was and how his daddy wouldn't do such and
such. He sounded like a twelve year old ! It was almost
too embarrassing to watch. I didn't mean to make this
into such a rant, but I was upset by the way Jake was han-
deled last season, and was wondering if you and the other
writers were planning on ways to make him more mature
this season ? Maybe he needs to get laid...>>

Needless to say, I disagree.  During "Rocks and Shoals" he asked Kira and 
Odo some fairly tough and pointed questions and I see nothing wrong with his
actions in "Valiant" especially since he was proven completely right in the
end.  As for his going back home with Sisko, I don't see a problem with that
since, at most, Jake is a stringer for the Federation News Service and can
probably take or pass up assignments as he sees fit.  But he probably does
need to get laid.

<<Mr. Moore, why are you bringing back Kor ?
People have been anxiously waiting for the
return of characters such as Kai Opaka and 
Tom Riker, but instead you bring back a
character who means less to the series IMO.
As much as I loved "Blood Oath" I don't see
the reason for having Kor return to the show. 
Frankly I'd rather see an episode centering
around Martok instead. Did you bring Kor
back in order to write one last Klingon epic
(this one involving Worf, Kor and Martok) ? >>

We reprise characters when we have stories we want to tell about them.  At 
the moment, there aren't any Tom Riker or Kai Opaka stories that we're 
jazzed about, but we came up with a great Kor tale and so we went for it.

<<I just saw, for the second time, the episode "Far Beyond the Stars..." and
I had some questions.
   First, did you have anything to do with the writing of this episode? Did
you contribute anything to the story?>>

I worked on the structure of the show during the break session and I gave
notes on the script, but the actual writing was done by Ira and Hans.

<<Second, after watching the rest of the season, I think some of the events 
in that episode make more sense. Were the priest's speeches about Benny 
writing the story really about his future actions in the war, and the loss 
of Dax?  Did you guys know that Dax was going to be leaving the show at that
point,  and that Sisko was going to leave DS9 and go back to earth?>>

The loss of Dax and Sisko's return to Earth were ideas kicking around the 
room at that point and we thought they'd tie in nicely with the things 
 happening in "Far Beyond the Stars" but we also left enough ambiguity in 
the script to let us off the hook if neither of those things happened.

<<I haven't been reading any of the one line spoilers for the upcoming DS9
episodes but for the few taht I have, I havent seen any mention of Vic
Fontaine.  Are there any plans/episodes shot/episodes written with James
Darren this season?  He brings such a unique personality to the show..... 
I'd hate to see him disappear for good, especially in the final season.>>

Vic is seen briefly in the opening episode, but he has a large part in the
show I've just finished writing -- episode # 10 (no official title at this

<<Ron, I was just wondering... There was mention in The Next Generation a 
few times that Worf would "Do something no klingon had ever done". What are
the chances of us finding out what this might be before the end of the 
series? >>

We haven't talked about this in a long time, but as I recall, the reference
could also be interpreted to mean that Worf would be the first Klingon in
Starfleet and he's already accomplished that.

<<Will we be seeing the Vorta use there telekinetic power again? The one 
from "The Jem'Hadar". Thanks.>>

I don't think so.

<< I would like to know if anything Major is being planned for Jake Sisko.>>

There are a few big things in the works, but nothing that we've committed to

<<Is the baseball in Sisko's office Mark McGwire's 62nd home run ? Will we
learn it's origin ?>>

It's presumably Sisko's personal baseball that has some sentimental meaning 
to him, not an historical relic.

<<Any chance we might see the Defiant land on a planet like Voyager did?>>

I doubt it.  It's a very pricey effect and I don't think we'll do it.

<<And secundo, could you really explain why Paramount is putting the staff
behind Star Trek (any series) on budget ??!! Why don't they give you all the
money you need to make the very best show you can come up with ? They will
make godzillions of dollars with Trek in the next few decades anyway ! Why 
is it that the fans have to cope with mediocres bottleshows (don't kid me, 
some are good, even very good) made because "..we had to save money for the
year ender.. or ..we had spent too  much of that show and blablabla..".>>

They're pretty generous with the money, actually.  Our budget is literally 
one of the highest of any TV show 
on the air.

<<couple of questions ron, first of all, as a full time writer do you still
find time to read?>>

My desk is stacked with several books I'm working my way through, as is my
nightstand at home.

<<second, my girlfriend was wondering when benny was taken away in the
ambulance and sisko wakes 
from the coma, did benny die?>>

Benny did not die.

<<Have you seen the Star Trek Special Editions on the Sci-Fi Channel?  If 
so, what do you think of them and the idea of a Trek: Special Edition?>>

On the positive side, I think the new transfers look great!  They make my
laserdisc episodes look like third-rate VHS copies.  But on the negative 
side, the arbitrary insertion of commercials into the shows is extremely 
annoying and keeps me from watching an entire episode.  I hope they make the
new transfers available on DVD or something, because I can't watch the chop-
they're doing on Sci-Fi Channel.

<<I am curious to know what (if any) scriptwriting software you use when
writing teleplays for Star Trek? >>

We're using a program called Final Draft and we've found it to be the best 
of the various programs we've tried.  We used Word 5 for a long time, using 
a scriptor style sheet, but that eventually went by the wayside.  We tried
Scriptware for a while, but had too many problems with it.

<<Do you have any plans to use the Prometheus (as seen on Voyager) in any of
this season battles against the Dominion?>>


<<What is the deal with only having seven season for any of the star trek
seires. DS9 should not be taken off at the end of this season. DS9 could
probely going on for atleast 3 more seasons if not more. It seems to me 
that Paramount doesn't care about star trek, but is looking for more ways to 
get rich off of it. Taking it off of the air after a couple of years and 
then doing movies just so they can get more money. I know officaly that 
thier is no plans for a DS9 film, but if that is the case then way ruin it 
for the fans by taking DS9 off?>>

Seven seasons evidently provide Paramount with a good syndication package 
that they can sell to the affiliates from now on.  Although we probably 
could push the show into more seasons, the writing staff feels that it's 
better to end now while we're happy with the series and it's still hitting 
on all cylinders. Always leave'em wanting more.

<<Did the cast and crew have fun while having
the chance to go on location and play base-
ball ? Which of the actors, after observation,
would you consider to be the most natural
athlete ? Did the crew (including yourself)
get a chance to take a few swings between
takes ? And which of you amongst the
writing staff is the biggest baseball fan ?>>

Everyone had a ball (pun intended) while shooting this one.  Quite a few of
the actors managed to look good out there and I'll let you judge for 
yourself who pulled it off best.  No one was really taking swings between 
takes because we had people all over the field and having balls smacked 
around randomly wouldn't have been a good idea.  On the staff, I say Ira is 
easily the biggest baseball fan, with Rene coming in second.

<<What exactly did the Wormhole aliens mean when they told Sisko that "his
destiny lies along a different path..."? (Favor the Bold)>>

You'll have to wait and see...

<<In regards to Star Trek Generations, Robert and Renee Picard are killed.  
Is Marie also presumed dead?  Or was there a specific reason why she was not

Marie is still alive.  We had various references to Marie in early drafts of
the film, but by the final cut they'd all been excised for one reason or
another.  In fact, at one point, we even thought about Marie appearing in 
the Nexus as the woman that Picard would fantasize about, but that seemed to
be too heavy and complex a problem to deal with at that point in the film so 
we dropped it.

<<With the Klingons we've seen several characters that are "VIP"s, including
Gowron, and most notably, Martog.  Will we see any recurring Romulan VIPs 
now that they are to be a more permenant prescence on the show?>>

We don't have any plans for a recurring Romulan character.

<<One thing I've always wondered...  If you could magically go back to 
anytime within the period of Star Trek's 31 year existence, what would you 
do differently?  What is it that you wish could have been done differently, 
from a storyteller's point of view.>>

I wish we could've had a more coherent idea of what we wanted to accomplish 
in TNG's last year.  Too much of it was random story-telling without a sense
of bringing the show to a conclusion.

<<Lastly, how is work on Mission Impossible 2 progressing?  How closely have
you been working with Tom Cruise and Ving Raimes?>>

It's going just fine.  Brannon and I have completed our work on the project
and it's scheduled to begin principal photography in January.  We worked 
very closely with Cruise and had an absolutely wonderful experience with 
him.  We never got to meet Ving Rhames.

<<Whatever happened to the Romulan officer 'required by treaty' or somesuch
 to man the Defiant's cloaking device?  Saw her for, oh, three episodes and 
 she was gone.  I know this is ancient history, but I'm a relative newbie 

I don't think we said that she was "required" to be aboard the Defiant in 
"The Search".  She was there to operate the cloak and make sure no one 
attempted to steal it.  Later, an agreement was worked out with the Romulans 
that allowed us to keep the cloak in exchange for intelligence on the 

<<The episode "The Valiant" seems to indicate that The Defiant is the only
Defiant-class ship with a cloak.  Is this the case?  >>


<< How do you think Terry Farrell {character Jadzia Dax} leaving the cast 
has affected the viewing audience of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? >>

I don't think we'll know until well into this season, but I suspect that 
Ezri will be well received.

<<I understand that the Federation, in the days of TNG, didn't want to use
cloaking, not only because of the Treaty of Algeron (sp?), but also because 
it was underhanded and a dirty trick. With the Romulans now on-side with the
Federation, and with the underbelly of the Federation (Section 31, etc.)
exposed, will we be seeing more cloaked Starfleet ships?>>

I never bought the "underhanded dirty trick" line of thinking, but we're not
planning to equip more Fed ships with cloaking devices in any case.

<<I realize and completely understand that you don't want to spoil us and 
tell us how DS9 will end, however, could you please let us all in on a 
little matter and tell us whether you guys are planning for the war with the
 Dominion to end by the series finale of DS9, or will it continue past DS9 
into Voyager and/or future Trek movies/series?>>

We'll wrap up the war on DS9.

<<Is the going to be a star trek voyager movie?>>

Couldn't even guess.

<<Is there a connection between the time portal discovered by the O'Brian's
and the Guardian of Forever from TOS?>>


<<Is Vic based on Binar technology?  They gave us Riker's love interest

Sure.  Why not?

<<Do you envision Kai Opaka having additional involvement with the Emissary
and/or Prophets?>>

No plans for Opaka at the moment.

<<How many different outcomes for the series have you considered, or did you
have in mind one ending from the get-go?>>

We've talked about quite a few different endings -- maybe a dozen or so.

<<How long after DS9 ends will you reply to questions?  I would really like
the opportunity to do a post-mortem for awhile.>>

I'll probably close the Q&A when the show goes off the air.

<<How well does Nicole deBour fit in? Has Terry Visited the set? >>

Nicole (and Ezri) have fit in very, very well.  I've seen Terry on the lot
from time to time, but I don't think she's been down to the set.
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