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Date: Mon, Oct 26, 1998 15:09 EST
From: RonDMoore
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It's been pretty hectic around here for the past couple of weeks, so I'm a
little behind but here goes:

<<Mr. Moore, do you have any plans to do a final episode for the Mirror

Our final Mirror episode is in prep right now and will be episode #12.  (No
official title yet.)

<<In your last post you mentioned that Ezri Dax should be well-recieved.  
But I don't understand how the public is going to find out about her when
Paramount doesn't even hint at her arrival in DS9's season premier and 
second episode preview advertisements.  This is another total low for 
paramount publicity.  Something is definately wrong in Paramount advertising 
when Ds9's nielsen ratings have sunk to mid 3's and they don't even attempt 
to fix it by mentioning a new character in episode ads. What is going on? 
Are these people awake? I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but if this 
continues, Paramount might as well expect DS9 to end quietly without anyone 
knowing about it. >>

From your lips to God's ear...  I completely agree.

<<Some of us love DS9 and don't want its superior storytelling to end at 7
seasons.  Might Paramount consider a DS9 theatrical movie, a tv movie or
miniseries?  >>

You never know, but I can tell you that at the moment there are no plans for
any DS9 project beyond this year.

<<What sort of booze is Kanar? Is it more like whiskey or more like wine? I 
am involved in a Kanar debate right now, and we await your official word:-)

(I say it's strong stuff-- others disagree).>>

It is strong stuff, but we've never even thought about what it's made of -- 
oh what the hell, tell your friend I said you're right and s/he's wrong, 
that should settle it.

<<There was a recent post in one of the DS9 newsgroups which stated that 
based upon posts from yourself, and others associated with the production 
of DS9, that there will be no major space battles (or any new ship types) 
planned for Season 7.  Can you let us know if this post is accurate?  >>

This is untrue.  There will definitely be more space battles this season.
Whether we'll see any new ships is a different question and it depends on 
the budgetary constraints involved in that particular episode.

<<To your knowledge is there any truth in the rumor that Our Man Bashir will
no longer be shown in television reruns?>>


<<Comment:  he crossover universe in DS9 features a version of Kira which
appears to be bi-sexual.  Since the Intendent is an evil and devious figure,
completely opposite of the Major, is her bi-sexuality intended to emphasize
the Intendant's devious immorality?  If so, doesn't this seem to go against
all of what Star Trek stands for? This would be acceptible if the Intendent
wasn't the only bi-sexual/homosexual character on Star Trek, but the 
Intendent is an evil murderer, hardly a glowing acceptance of homosexuality/
bi-sexuality in the Star Trek universe.>>

In point of fact, the character of Dax has been portrayed as being bi-sexual
(see "Rejoined") and I think that's a counterbalance to the Intendent.

<<Do you think having DS9 and VOY on at the same time was harmful to trek?
Also if there is going to be a new Trek series what time period would you
personally like to see it in?  I think having 3 series taking place in
approximatly the same time period was a mistake. >>

I think that having DS9 and VOY running at the same time has definitely hurt
both shows.  They tend to cannibablize each other's audience, because 
there's just so much Star Trek that the average viewer is going to watch 
every week. I think any new Trek series would need to set itself apart from 
the last three series and go in an entirely new direction, which may or may 
not involve setting it in a different time period.

<<Does the TOS (NOT movies) bridge still exist?  If so, where is it?>>

It's long gone.

<< Thanks for answering my question re Garak (not)being in Ep 9. Is there a
title for Ep 9 yet Kira "stand-alone, featuring Dukat"--and is it still
scheduled to be the 9th episode?>.

The show is called "Covenant" and it's still episode #9.

<<I was watching "The Begotten" last night and was reminded of the great
chemistry between James Sloyan and Rene Auberjonois.  Any chance that we may
see a return of Dr. Mora Pol this season?>>

There's a possibility and we have talked about seeing him a few times, but 
we don't have a story for Dr. Mora at this point.

<<In "Image in the Sand", Odo mentions that Vulcans and Romulans have 
similar physiologies, but in TNG's "The Enemy", Dr. Crusher says that their
physiologies differ so much that they can't even get a blood transfusion
between the two races.  So, how similar are the Vulcans and Romulans?  I 
would think that 2000 years wouldn't be long enough for them to be very 

Hmm.  I didn't recall the reference from "The Enemy" when we were working on
"Image..."  It's a darn fine question, but fortunately (for me) "The Enemy"
was done just before I came aboard TNG so I'm not sure what the reasoning 
was in that episode.   I was under the impression that the two races were 
very, very similar.  Any one have an explanation for this?

<<I recently attemded a small con where Mary Kay Adams (most know her as
Grilka) was a guest. In a Q&A session, someone asked if  she would be back 
one last time on DS9, and she said she is hoping she could, but doesn't know
for sure whether she will or not. Is there any chance we will see Grika this

Grilka is another in the "maybe we will, maybe we won't" category.

<<Just curious (and rather off topic, I know)--Have any of you been to
Disneyland's new Tomorrowland?  I live just a few minutes away, so I have no
real excuse for not having seen it, except that I live just a few minutes 
away so have been a billion or so times.  Anyhow, I am curious about the new
vision.  I have kinda avoided going because I really loved the old "hokey"
Tomorrowland.  It was so optimistic
and made the future look so rosy.  I always seemed to spend most of any
Disneyland trip in that area... so have they ruined it?  Or is it still as
great as before?>>

I went a few months ago and looked around, but the new rocket cars were down
for repairs and a lot of it was still under construction.  By taking out the
Saturn V centerpiece, they've really changed the entire feel of the place 
and I'm not sure if I like it yet.  I also can't believe they got rid of the
Submarine ride since it was one of my childhood favs.  (Then again, I'm 
still bemoaning the loss of the Skyway, so I'm  hopelessly nostalgic.) 
Disneyland will get it together, I'm sure -- they rarely fail to correct 
their mistakes when they make any.

<<Will there be any more Garak/Odo or Quark/Odo tales  before you folks call
it a day?>>

We're planning to do both.

<<As I recall, Ben has a sister.  Are we gonna meet her?  Any chance of 
seeing Kurn (who is still living a phony life, as I recall) or Grilka 
before you're done?>>

Doubtful on all counts.

<<Mr. Moore, do you think we might ever see a relationship between Dax and
Julian?  Do you think that could create some interesting plot twists?  >>

It's possible.  It's one of the things we're playing around with.

<<Are we going to see Dukat's imaginary friends again?  Or is not having 
those delusions anymore?>>

You won't see them in "Covenant" but we might use them again next time.

<<Ron, in watching the history channel, I recently learned that a cavalry
captain by the name of Benteen was in command of one of the advance columns 
in the Little Big Horn campaign. His job was to keep a large village of the
Lakota Sioux occupied so they couldn't threaten Custer's flank. (He did, but
for not nealry long enough. He withdrew to a defensive position on a ridge
after losing half his troops.)
I was wondering, was this little factoid known to whoever named Susan 
Gibney's character in "Homefront/ Paradise Lost"?>>

Ira is a student of the Battle of the Little Big Horn and the references are

<<First, let me just say that just 2 episodes into the season, I already 
love Ezri Dax!  Question:  Did Nicole deBoer audition for the role, or did 
you or one or more of the other producers see her on some other series, like
"Deepwater Black" (aka Mission: Genesis" to you Americans), say "*That's* 
our new Dax!" and then approach her about it?>>

We love her too.  Nicole was chosen after an exhaustive audition process.  
She simply nailed the role -- she was exactly what we had in mind when we 
were creating the role and that's all you can ask for.

<<Many fans would like to see Jadzia return, and we feel that this is 
possible because Terry Farrell has said a few times that she'd like to be in
the last episode. I know that you probably wouldn't tell us if she was going
to return, but have you thought about her offer?>>

We talk about this periodically, but we have no plans to reprise Jadzia at
this point.

<<Ron, could you tell us if we are going to be seeing Dr. Bashir's family
(i.e. Mom and Dad) this season?>>

I don't think so.

<< Hey, Ron, I was just reading over your latest bunch of answers on TrekWeb
and there was one in particular about Benny (from Far Beyond The Stars) that
brought to mind a few concerns I have regarding that character and episode.
>From a few of your answers and insinuations (however vague) on the series, 
it seems as though you might be hinting to us that Benny is 'real' and 
Deep Space Nine (or possibly all of Star Trek) is actually a figment of his
imagination.  Please, tell me this is not so.>>

Don't turn to me for reassurance on this point.  I like the ambiguity of the
Benny Russell character and the implications of his "fantasies."  Keep

<< In your last post you mentioned that the baseball on Sisko's desk is
"presumably Sisko's personal baseball that has some sentimental meaning to
him, not an historical relic." The baseball didn't appear on Sisko's desk
until after "If Wishes Were Horses" ... Since one of the last things the 
alien who appeared as Buck Bokai did before vanishing was toss Ben a 
baseball, I assumed that ball was the ball on Sisko's desk.  Cool, because
it reminded Ben of both his cherished game and the wonders of the final 
frontier.  Are you saying this is NOT the case???>>

This very question has been batted around the office a few times, and no one
seems to have a definitive answer.  I wasn't on DS9 during "Wishes..." but 
my understanding is that they did not intend for Buck's baseball to be the 
ball on the desk, but that it sort of showed up around the same time.  On 
the other hand, I've heard exactly the opposite and no one seems to know 
who it was that suggested Sisko have the ball on his desk in the first 
place.  The mystery deepens...

<< Will we get to see Bajor join the United Federation of Plannets before 
the end of DS9?>>

Stay tuned...

<<Why is it that the writers seem unwilling to allow Worf to be a good 
father? His obvious disdain for Alexander has always bothered me, and it 
seems very out of character. This is a man, after all, who has spent a good
portion of his life coming to terms with his own father's legacy. It's 
almost a sacred relationship for him, and it's very weird that he wouldn't
carry that same attitude over to his relationship with his own son.>>

Worf's reverence for this biological father's legacy is also mostly a 
result of childhood fantasy.  Worf barely knew his natural father, and was 
raised by
Sergei & Helena Rozhenko.  We thought that although Worf talked a good game
about family and honor, that given his specific backstory and his rather
inflexible ideas of right and wrong,  he would have trouble dealing with
Alexander -- especially considering the circumstances under which Alexander
was born.

<<Entertainment Weekly recently did an article on Trek wherein they talked 
to Ira Behr, and they indicated (assuming they got it right) that you guys 
will be doing a multi-episode story arc leading up to the finale.  Have you 
started working this out yet, and if so, what's your thinking right now 
about how many episodes this is going be?>>

We're working on it right now and the exact number of episodes has not been

<<Are there any episodes coming up (after "Take Me Out..") that looked to 
have turned out really well, ones we should start getting psyched about?>>

We're pretty happy with almost all the shows in the first dozen, but I would
say that "The Siege of AR-558" (episode 8) and "It's Only a Paper Moon"
(episode 10) are shaping up to be stand-out shows.

<<Ron, since Solok wrote the holoprogram, can we assume that was a Vulcan 
moth that fluttered around Jake when he was picthing batting practice [in 
"Take Me Out to the Holosuite"]?>>

Since Solok was clearly setting the ball game in 20th century Earth, I think
that his attention to detail included Earth moths as well.

<<That play where the runner misses the plate and Nog misses the tag is a 
very old baseball "urban legend."  (The only difference between the two 
stories is in the urban legend, there is a run-down between home and the 
dug-out.) Were you aware of this when writing it, or did the idea strike you 
originally? >>

According to Ira -- our resident baseball authority -- this actually 
happened during some game in the distant past (no don't ask me which one).

<<You do realize that called strike 3 to Worf outside, yes? (Outside in the
real strike zone I mean, not the strike zone the "I'm more important than 
the game and invent my own damn rules" major league Umpires call. But being
Odo, I assumed he'd follow the letter of the law-  width of home plate, 
knees to letters.>>

You dare to question a Founder...?

<<Ok, did I or did I not spot you in the first row in the stands? And if not
you, can you drop some names of the people on the production staff who
might've been watching?>>

It wasn't me and I believe that all the people in the stands were background
players and not production members.

<<So, can we assume you have a neat little autographed baseball sitting on
your desk?>>

I have a baseball with the Starfleet logo, sans autographs.

<<There's been some grousing on the "...Holosuite" episode board about the
attitude of Captain Solok towards humans...specifically, that it bordered on
racism.  I'm sure you will agree that rasicm is a highly illogical concept,
usually precipitated by an irrational emotional reaction.  That being said,
would it follow that a Vulcan-- one of the very originators of the IDIC
ideal-- would hold such a negative stereotype of humans?>>

I refer you to the first officer of the starship Enterprise who stated his
opinions regarding the superiority of Vulcans to Humans on more than one

<<I guess what I'm wondering is this:  was there ever a point in writing 
this episode where you considered having one of the other Vulcans on the 
Logicians team expressing confusion to Solok about his prejudicial attitude,
perhaps in an effort to blunt this reaction from the audience?>>

We had a lot of characters to service in this episode, so I never really had
much time to deal with the other Vulcan players, but this would've been a 
nice bit of business.

<<And were the Niners wrong to so forcefully "turn the screws" on Solok at 
the end of the show?>>

I don't think so.  Solok tried to humiliate their captain at his own game.
Solok got what he deserved.

<<On another matter, you mentioned in your online chat Friday that episode 
#12 is this year's Mirror Universe show.  Is this the same episode as "The
Emperor's New Cloak"?  Any special guest stars you'd care to spill the beans
about?  Like maybe with the initials "L.N." and/or "T.F."???>>

The title at this point is called "The Emperor's New Cloak" but that may not
hold.  And Mr. Nimoy is NOT appearing in it nor are any other surprise 

<<Why didn't Vic sing the National Anthem?>>

It did cross our minds, but I wasn't eager to write the lyrics to the Fed
national anthem.
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