Memory Alpha's layout looks familiar. What software does it use?Edit

Memory Alpha uses the MediaWiki software used by Wikipedia, the website that inspired Memory Alpha. MediaWiki was originally developed by Magnus Manske, and it uses PHP code backed up by a MySQL database. The software is freely available under the GNU General Public License. Other developers are always encouraged to join up!

What does an administrator do in Memory Alpha?Edit

An administrator for Memory Alpha is a member who has been granted "sysop" rights. This includes the ability to protect pages, to edit protected pages, to delete pages, to ban and un-ban members and IP addresses.

How do I become an administrator?Edit

For the time being, Memory Alpha is not likely to need many administrators. As the collection of articles grows, we will certainly add more people to the ranks. Being an administrator is not as big a deal at Memory Alpha as it is on message boards and other websites – it is simply a recognition of a member who has demonstrated continuing interest and quality contributions to the database, and who has been granted slightly expanded powers for the management of the encyclopedia in case of trouble.

How did the policies get decided?Edit

In the early days of Memory Alpha's existence, the policies were primarily duplicates of those in use at Wikipedia. As time went on, and Memory Alpha began to develop its own practices, the various policies were rewritten to better fit our purposes. All policies are now entirely native to Memory Alpha (though in spirit still derived from Wikipedia and other websites). The current policies have been accepted by the membership, but change is both possible and expected.

Who are the current administrators?Edit

See the list of administrators.