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| [[wikipedia:Woodward, Oklahoma|Woodward]]
| [[wikipedia:Woodward, Oklahoma|Woodward]]
| [[wikipedia:Oklahoma|Oklahoma]], [[wikipedia:USA|USA]]
| [[wikipedia:Oklahoma|Oklahoma]], [[wikipedia:USA|USA]]
| [[User:SmokeDetector47|Nick]]
| [[wikipedia:Chicago, Illinois|Chicago]]
| [[wikipedia:Illinois|Illinois]], [[wikipedia:USA|USA]]

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The Archivists are those Star Trek fans who have registered at Memory Alpha and contributed articles to the database. If you're just joining us (or have been here a while and are reading this page for the first time), add your name to the list below!

Name Home town Province/State, Country
Dan Carlson Bear Delaware, USA
Harry Doddema Groningen Groningen, The Netherlands
Michael Warren Liverpool United Kingdom
Ray McIntyre New Zealand
Gareth Reynolds Christchurch New Zealand
Nicholas Martinelli North Huntington Pennsylvania, USA
Chuck Hoffmann Camden Delaware, USA
Romke van der Meulen Aldtsjerk Friesland, the Netherlands
Ryan W. Wetherell Juneau Alaska, USA
Michael Kurt Bartel Providence Rhode Island, USA
Florian Käutner Essen Nordrhein Westfalen, Germany
Andrew Lambert San Francisco California, USA
Steve Mollmann Colerain Township Ohio, USA
Alex Peckover London United Kingdom
Ottens The Netherlands
Michael Hardy Norwich UK
Kobi Bremen Germany
Jon Deane Rochester New York, USA
Michael Wilcox St. Paul Minnesota, USA
Ryan Williams Woodward Oklahoma, USA
Nick Chicago Illinois, USA
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