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This page describes one of Memory Alpha's policies and guidelines.

Please read through the policy below to familiarize yourself with our common practices and rules.
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Articles in an encyclopedia are nodes in a hypertext system. Envision Memory Alpha as a giant chain – each article constitutes a single link that may be connected to any other number of links in the chain. When you create or edit an article, consider its place in the link web and add links to other articles everywhere that the context makes sense.

For example, Jean-Luc Picard was a Starfleet captain, and the USS Defiant was a Federation starship. You can also use see also or related topic sections to add lists of links that are associated with the article's topic.

But above all, don't delete links just because you don't think they fit! Instead, try to reword the article so that they'll stay, but still make sense or fit the context. Above all, try to avoid creating orphan articles – an orphan is an article that has no other pages that link to it. If you decide you need to remove links from an article, make sure there are links elsewhere to that same page, before they disappear beyond the edge of the galaxy!

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