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"You see, in our century we've learned not to fear words."
– Nichelle Nichols as Uhura in "The Savage Curtain", first broadcast on 7 March 1969 (more than fifty-two years ago)

Memory Alpha does not promote any particular view or critical judgment of Star Trek content, so Memory Alpha does not censor our cataloging of said content. Archivists should not censor anything that was said or seen in a Star Trek production.

That said, Star Trek does censor itself from time to time. In these cases Memory Alpha will cover that content as it was presented with the censoring intact. This can lead to some inconsistency with how material is covered in the database. For example, fuck may be used uncensored in quotes from one production while being "bleeped" out in quotes from another production. Censoring may also lead to situations where the word being censored is not known with reasonable certainty. In these cases archivists should avoid speculation about the word that was censored for in-universe purposes, in that pages should not be created or links made using possibilities for the censored word. Since content that would be bleeped out is generally slang for something else, if the actual subject is known, redirects to that page can be created using "bleep" or a few reasonable guesses at the censored word, but these should only be used for searching purposes and should not be linked to in an article.

Fandom, Memory Alpha's host, also censors a few words using the MediaWiki software at their own discretion. Since Memory Alpha isn't party to or involved with the decision to censor these words, if it is necessary for one of these words to be used, archivists will have to find a workaround.

Words that are censored should use one of the two templates created for that purpose. This allows these to be dealt with and formatted in a consistent manner, as well as making any censored word easy to find and track. For words that have been "bleeped" out in a Star Trek production, archivists should use the {{bleeped}} template. If the word is being censored by Fandom you will not be able to save your changes as long as the word remains in the text. In those cases you should use the {{censored}} template. If you encounter a word being censored by Fandom that isn't already set up to be used in the censored template, contact one of the administrators.

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