Memory Alpha
Memory Alpha

How can I contribute?[]

There are plenty of ways. See how to start a page and editing a page, for starters.

Why would I want to contribute?[]

The short answer: Because it's there. For a longer answer, see Why contribute?

Why should I register an account?[]

Contributors to Memory Alpha are not required to have an account in order to edit pages. However, all changes are logged by the database, and if you plan on making several contributions (especially new pages), it's best to have an account, so that your efforts are recognized by the Memory Alpha community.

Who owns the articles on Memory Alpha?[]

Memory Alpha is a collaborative project, which means that no one person owns any of the articles. Instead, the articles belong to the Archivists as a whole.
You can discover who contributed to a specific page by clicking on the "Page history" link in the sidebar. If you find a mistake, however, you don't have to stop and contact the author – you can just be bold and update it yourself!

Are there any rules or guidelines I should be aware of?[]

Please check the Policies and guidelines page for the policies currently in effect.

What are the "recent changes"?[]

The recent changes page is a list of the changes to wiki pages that have been made within a certain time period. See the recent changes help page for an explanation of the codes used in that list.

Why are some links red? What are the "?" links?[]

These types of links indicate that a page with that name has not yet been started. You can click on that link and start a page with that name. But be careful – there may already be articles on similar topics, or an article on the same topic under a different name. It's pretty important to hunt around for similar topics first.

How do I report that something isn't working properly?[]

See Contact us.