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The Memory Alpha server automatically generates dumps of the MediaWiki database every night. These compressed XML dumps are available for download for backup purposes and for offline reading. You can click the link below to download the most recent backup of the database. Only the current version of each page is included in the download. As of February 2021, these downloads are approximately 360 megabytes in size, compressed to ~63 megabytes.

Download the Current Dump

Alternatively, you can download the full database, including history (~25 gigabytes, compressed to ~271 megabytes, as of February 2021).

Remember that Memory Alpha content is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC license. Redistribution of the information in these dumps is permitted under the terms of the license, provided that full credit for the material is given to Memory Alpha, and that the material is not used for commercial purposes.

Images and uploaded files

Unlike the article texts themselves, most images on Memory Alpha are neither licensed under the CCL nor are in the public domain. In order to preserve the fair use terms under which the images and files are used on Memory Alpha, they are not available for batch download along with the database dumps themselves.

Web crawlers

Please do not use web crawlers to download multiple pages from Memory Alpha. These programs generally will aggressively access the database (downloading up to fifty concurrent pages per second) and cause a major slowdown for all other users. Please obey the robots.txt terms!
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