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This page is for the nomination and discussion of articles that may be potentially included in Memory Alpha's list of featured articles. Featured articles are also displayed on the main page of the wiki. A featured article is an especially well-written, informative, and comprehensive article that covers all available information on a subject.

Anyone may nominate any article for inclusion in the list of featured articles. When you nominate an article, include a short description of why you think that the article should be featured. If you are nominating an article that you have worked on, please note that fact in your description. The nomination is then open to discussion, and anyone may comment in support of or against the inclusion of the article in the list. (As always, please sign your nominations and comments with "~~~~".)

When you are commenting on a nomination, please take the time to read the entire article before you decide whether to support or oppose the nomination. If there are no objections posted after ten days of being listed on this page, and at least one member has seconded the nomination, then the article may be added to the list of featured articles. If there are objections, and no consensus is reached within 20 days of the original nomination's posting, then the article is removed from the list of candidates. Optionally, a notice that the article has been nominated as a featured article candidate may be added to the article by inserting {{msg:fac}} at the top of the article.

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Nominations without objections

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Self-nomination. A detailed description of events surrounding one of my favorite ENT-era characters. -- Dan Carlson 19:50, 27 May 2004 (CEST)

Klingon Civil War

Self-nomination. IMO a great historically-oriented article providing in-depth analysis of the causes and events of the conflict. -- Dan Carlson 19:50, 27 May 2004 (CEST)

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