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This page is for the nomination and discussion of articles that may be potentially included in Memory Alpha's list of featured articles. A featured article is an especially well-written, informative, and comprehensive article that covers all available information on a subject. If you feel one of our articles meets this criteria, you may suggest it here in accordance with the nomination policy. For a list of articles previously nominated, see the archive.

To bring up a current featured article for review, please see the review procedure.

To nominate an article, start a new discussion under "Nominations without objections" with a heading named for the article you want to suggest. Provide an appropriate picture and a two- to three-paragraph summary of the article. This is usually the article's lead-in if possible, and should not contain any links, except to the article itself. This is what will be displayed on the main page and in the portals if the nomination is successful. Followed that by a brief reason why you feel the article should be featured.

Sample format:

=== <article> ===
'''[[<article>]]''' <summary>
<reasoning> - <signature>

Once this is done, a notice that the article has been nominated as a featured article candidate should be added to the article in question by inserting {{fan}} at the top of the page, above any other templates except the article type template.

When you are commenting on a nomination, please take the time to read the entire article before you decide whether to Support or Oppose the nomination. Nominations with objections should be moved to the appropriate section until they are resolved.

When supporting or opposing an article, please use a bullet point (by adding a * before your comment) without any indent so these will be easy to find later. General comments should be indented as usual, and, as always, please sign your nominations and comments with "~~~~".

Nominations without objections

A.G. Robinson

A.G. Robinson in 2143

Commander A.G. Robinson was a 22nd century Starfleet officer who was a pilot in the NX Project. In this capacity, he – along with Commanders Gardner, Duvall, and Jonathan Archer – all competed for the chance to become the first Human to break the warp 2 barrier during a historic spaceflight in 2143.

Robinson was a close friend of fellow pilot Jonathan Archer, their fierce competition to become the first to test the NX-Alpha (one of two vessels designed to break the warp 2 barrier) notwithstanding. Although Archer had worked exceptionally hard to attain the privilege of piloting the historic test flight, Commodore Maxwell Forrest gave the assignment to Robinson, with Archer as his backup.

Robinson later celebrated in the 602 Club, where he met Archer. There, he expressed his belief that the reason Archer had not been chosen for the assignment was that his friend had "tried too hard" to be the first one to make the flight. Robinson believed he had been chosen was because "Starfleet doesn't just want a great pilot. They want a great captain." ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ I've been working on this article off and on over the last couple of weeks. I think it might make a good FA but would appreciate feedback and help. Thanks. :) --LauraCC (talk) 15:43, April 7, 2018 (UTC)

Nominations with objections

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