Nominations without objections

  • Battle of the Omarion Nebula: This article is the result of a true joint effort between several registered and anonymous contributors. I think it does a great job of summarizing the events of the episode. (I did some minor copyediting on this article myself.) -- Dan Carlson | Talk 16:16, Sep 5, 2004 (CEST)
    • Before I vote, I would like someone to get those pics in a bit better. They are in a rather chaotic order right now. -- Redge | Talk 16:43, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)
      • What the heck is wrong with the pictures, and why should their order affect your vote? I don't want to sound condescending, but that doesn't make sense to me. (No offense intended!) -- Dan Carlson | Talk 11:07, Sep 6, 2004 (CEST)
        • Well excuse me, but I happen to feel a good, featurable article, has not only a well written body, but also a good appendix, references and pictures, all in a readable format. In this article, headers and pictures are crossing, creating a chaotic effect that effects the readability of this article. Since this only a minor fault and can easily be mended, I'm not voting against, but holding off my vote untill the pictures are resorted and the article IMO ready to be featured. -- Redge | Talk 14:09, 6 Sep 2004 (CEST)
          • Ohhhh, I see what you mean! Okay, I've fixed that myself. Sorry for causing confusion! -- Dan Carlson | Talk 14:33, Sep 6, 2004 (CEST)
            • There you go. Second. -- Redge | Talk 14:35, 6 Sep 2004 (CEST)
    • I don't want to sound petty, but I wrote almost all the text of the article's current version. Not to minimize other people's contributions but I put a lot of work into this and I'd like to be acknowledged for that. Aside from that, thanks for the nomination! -- EtaPiscium | Talk 15:01, Sep 5, 2004 (CEST)
      • My mistake, EtaPiscium! I was looking at the article's history page and neglected to check the diffs. Sorry about that! -- Dan Carlson | Talk 11:07, Sep 6, 2004 (CEST)
    • Supported. Good work! Ottens 11:24, 6 Sep 2004 (CEST)
    • seconded. --BlueMars 19:57, Sep 8, 2004 (CEST)
  • Ezri Dax -- Self-nomination. Having finally finished this article, I present it to be nominated as a feature article. Packed to the gills, this one is! I've detailed Ezri's involvement in every episode of DS9 Season 7, which was quite substantial... -- Michael Warren | Talk 00:25, Sep 3, 2004 (CEST)
    • Seconded. Good work! --BlueMars 00:26, Sep 3, 2004 (CEST)
    • Definitely support! -- Dan Carlson | Talk 02:16, Sep 3, 2004 (CEST)
    • Definately supported. Though I would suggest making sub-titles in the article, so it's a little more clear... Ottens 11:10, 4 Sep 2004 (CEST)
    • Support. Great work! -- Redge | Talk 16:43, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)
  • Klingon: With the help of various people a detailed article has been created here. --BlueMars 01:42, Aug 26, 2004 (CEST)
    • Enough information, not too long: Second. Although I would gather the various traditions and rituals spread throughout the article and put them together under a single header. -- Redge | Talk 13:08, 26 Aug 2004 (CEST)

Nominations with objections

  • Hikaru Sulu. I think all information available has been included. I really wouldn't know what else there can be told. Ottens 21:07, 1 Sep 2004 (CEST)
    • Oppose - most of the 'Later Career' section has nothing to do with Sulu at all, simply a regurgitation of what happened to the Enterprise. If these were rewritten to reflect what Sulu did during the events in question, that would more likely garner my support. -- Michael Warren | Talk 21:16, Sep 1, 2004 (CEST)
      • You are probably right that there should be more a focuss upon Sulu there. Though, Sulu didn't exactly do much notable until The Undiscovered Country. In most of the motion pictures, he was "just there", not really playing a major role in the story... Ottens 18:49, 2 Sep 2004 (CEST)
        • Really? Star Trek III, helped with the breakout of McCoy ("Don't call me Tiny"); Star Trek IV, Sulu assisted Scotty and McCoy, piloting a Huey that delivered the vital transparent aluminum components; Star Trek V, Sulu piloted the shuttle down to Paradise City, and the notable dash back to the Enterprise-A ("B! As in 'Barricade'!"), was taken over by Sybok's mind control, etc, etc. These are all things that should be in the article. Even just saying he was part of X is important. -- Michael Warren | Talk 18:56, Sep 2, 2004 (CEST)
    • Oppose -- I agree with Michael (above). -- Dan Carlson | Talk 02:16, Sep 3, 2004 (CEST)
    • Oppose for now. I agree with Micheal, too, and think the picture of the mirror-Sulu right on top of the article is inappropriate. --BlueMars 19:57, Sep 8, 2004 (CEST)
  • Klingon Empire It still needs a lot of references, and information on the events after the Khitomer Accords, but already this article is IMO extensive and detailed enough to be featured. -- Redge | Talk 11:57, 25 Aug 2004 (CEST)
    • Although the article is indeed a good one, we still need more info about the Klingons in the TNG era, and the Klingons' their role in the Dominion War... Objected. Ottens 12:55, 25 Aug 2004 (CEST)
    • Oppose for now. IMO it's not "historical" enough, it needs to have a bit more perspective on this great alien superpower. -- Dan Carlson | Talk 02:16, Sep 3, 2004 (CEST)
      • Whoops, I confused Klingon Empire with Klingon! Eek! I still don't think that this article is ready to be featured, but that's simply because it's not completed. I did the vast majority of the first part of the article, but never got around to finishing it. IMO, rather than having links to other articles for the remaining sections, there needs to at least be a few paragraphs added. I'll get to that sometime tomorrow, probably. -- Dan Carlson | Talk 16:29, Sep 5, 2004 (CEST)
  • Seven of Nine: Most of the article is to User:A peckover's credit. I think it's good work and worth to be featured. --BlueMars 01:36, Aug 26, 2004 (CEST)
    • Not voting for or against as I'm biased, but thanks BlueMars. :-) Alex Peckover 08:39, Aug 26, 2004 (CEST)
    • Opposed. Still needs alot of work. What about her relationship to that drone, created by her nanoprobes and the mobile emitter, for one thing. -- Redge | Talk 13:08, 26 Aug 2004 (CEST)
      • If you want, Redge, I would be happy to improve the article based on a few suggestions from yourself (or others). Alex Peckover 15:29, Aug 26, 2004 (CEST)
        • I could sum a few facts up from the top of my head, but throughout the series, paragraphs of more information on Seven is to be found, and I wouldn't know where to begin. I suggest an extensive desciption of the story of her and the drone I mentioned, and a more elaborate description of her relationship with the doctor and her social lessons, to start with. Of course, there's much more, I'm just summing a few things up off the top of my head. It'll take a lot more info before it is ready to be featured, IMO. -- Redge | Talk 16:39, 26 Aug 2004 (CEST)
    • Opposed for now. It definitely needs more detail about her "personal" life (or lack thereof ;-). -- Dan Carlson | Talk 02:16, Sep 3, 2004 (CEST)
      • Again, I am open to suggestions. I added information on her relationships with Icheb, The Doctor, Axum and One yesterday. Alex Peckover 08:28, Sep 3, 2004 (CEST)
      • seconded
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