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What is a wiki?[]

A wiki is a collection of interlinked web pages, any of which can be visited and edited by anyone at any time (collaborative software). The concept and software were invented by Ward Cunningham. You can even edit the page you are reading right now (just click the "edit this page" button on the top left). However, if you don't have anything to add or correct here, and you just want to see the wiki in action, edit the Sandbox page instead of this one. Also, see the editing FAQ.

What is Memory Alpha?[]

Memory Alpha is a project to create an organized and coherent fan encyclopedia for any and all topics related to the Star Trek series and films.

What are the goals of Memory Alpha?[]

When it was first published in 1994, the official Star Trek Encyclopedia quickly became the single most canonical reference source for anything having to do with Star Trek. However, the most recent update of the Encyclopedia was in October 2016, going on eight years ago at this point, leaving a great deal of undocumented information. In addition, each publication of the Encyclopedia was unavoidably obsolete before it even hit store shelves – there was always a cut-off date after which no information about the more recent episodes and films was available. Although most of the knowledge missing from the most recent edition of the Encyclopedia is still available in some form or other on the Web, there is no single, definitive resource where all of that knowledge can be found. Memory Alpha's goal is to be that resource.

How did Memory Alpha get started?[]

See Memory Alpha history.

How do I search Memory Alpha?[]

Just use the Search icon in the top right corner of the page! For more information, see Search.

What do the abbreviations mean?[]

The abbreviations in the drop-down menus and citations on Memory Alpha refer to the following Star Trek series:

How do I link to a Memory Alpha page?[]

Linking to an article in Memory Alpha from outside of the wiki is simple – use the domain name and the directory location /wiki/ plus the article title. Also, it is a good idea to replace spaces with underscores (_).
Thus, a link to goes to the article on James T. Kirk.

Is Memory Alpha on social media?[]

Memory Alpha has a Discord server to facilitate discussions between editors and other fans. For more information, see our Discord page.
Memory Alpha has an official Twitter account that primarily tweets newly-created pages. It can be found at @memoryalpha.
Memory Alpha's Facebook page is located at @TheMemoryAlpha.
Memory Alpha does not currently have any other social media presence.