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Memory Alpha is an international project currently consisting of seventeen languages. You can help the other editions in the following ways.

Initial translation Edit

The minimum pages that need to be translated for any language edition is specified on Start a New Edition in Another Language. However, this is not always done or the founder of the edition stops there. In order to have a good working wiki all pages from the namespaces Memory Alpha and Help should eventually exist in the other language.

If you detect a page that is not translated in the other edition you can tag the page here in the local wiki with {{international needs translation}} to make others aware of this.

Babel Edit

The Babel project is an attempt to organize Archivists by language in order to find possible contributors for other languages. This will be useful only if the majority of archivists make use of the language user boxes, so users are strongly encouraged to utilize this feature.

Interwiki links Edit

Interwiki links are simple tools to create links into the different languages. They are added to the end of any article and build the most effective international connectivity. If you find a matching article in another language, simply add the interwiki link to both pages. Later, a bot will add further links once other connections are detected.

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