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Note: work in progress, please also see talk page.

Listed below are examples of "standard" tables used throughout the site. If you want to implement a new table on a page, see if you can use one of the existing ones. If not, please suggest another way of table formatting on the talk page, or link to the article in which you created the new table.

Each section below contains a table as an example. If you want to use a table design, simply click on the "edit" link of that section and copy the code.


Bajoran wormhole.jpgCaption
Heading: Content cell one
Heading: Content cell two

Sidebars are tables that appear at the right side of a page, starting at the top. They are typically about 200 pixels wide and consist of two columns of table cells with a heading in each left cell and content in each right cell.

CSS classes

Use the following CSS classes to style a sidebar:

  • class="wiki-sidebar" for the table
  • class="sb-left" for each left cell
  • class="sb-right" for each right cell
  • class="sb-both" combined with colspan="2" for cells that are supposed to span both columns (used, for example, for images)

Further formatting guidelines

Sidebars should have no, one (at the top) or two (at the top and at the bottom) images. If images are used, they should be resized to be exactly 200 pixels wide. A caption may be attached to the image (see example code by editing this section).


Navigation tables are added at the end of articles, usually to link to other articles regarding a common topic (for example, other ships of the same class). They are typically implemented via a template.


If no further formatting (several table columns with different formatting) is necessary, this navigation table can be used. It is even possible to use more than one column. In that case use the additional formatting colspan="X" in the title line, where "X" is the number of columns to be used below.

CSS classes

Use the following CSS class to style a simple navigation table:

  • class="nav-simple" for the table