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Projects for the improvement of Memory Alpha. If you want to start a project you may create it on a subpage of this article; for example "Memory Alpha:Projects/Novel summaries expansion" and give an introduction what it is about for the other archivists. Please regard some guidelines:

  • Be responsible. Don't wait for others to keep your project alive. Work on your project page and the defined task yourself. Projects considered inactive after discussion may be closed and the page itself locked.
  • No plagiarism. Don't copy an existing project. If your project idea is similar to an existing project, work on that one instead.
  • Be specific. Don't create tasks that are too big to handle. Try to define one that deals with a small subset of our database instead.
  • Quality, not quantity. Don't create dozens of projects at once. Instead, limit yourself to a small number that you really can control.

Permanent projects

These projects are open ended and will remain useful indefinitely.


Archivists self identifying their language abilities to facilitate communication and translation.

Episode data project

The episode data project is the central repository for the data used in episode, film, and aftershow sidebars. It is divided up into several subprojects.


The project space to start a new edition in another language.

Redirect categories

The redirect list maxes out at 5,000. This project is to categorize and maintain all redirects on the site to make them easier to find and manage.

Redirects to unnamed lists

This is a project to simplify maintenance of incoming links to "unnamed" list pages. The first stage is focused on the Unnamed individuals category, filing redirects into the appropriate category tree. Once the lists of individuals is complete, then other unnamed lists will be addressed.

Active projects

47 project

Initiated by Archduk3, its goal is to list and find citations for every conceivable reference to the 47 phenomenon in Star Trek.

Birth years of characters

Trying to list all known character's birth years. I know they're listed on the year pages, but this is where you can see how many people were born in any given year at a glance, without having to wade through the other occurrences that year.

Phonetic alphabet

Looking for all of the usages of the NATO and RAF phonetic alphabet terms.

Runtime project

Part of the episode data project, this project is to have definitive runtimes for episodes and films, both remastered and original.

Timeline reference project

Trying to find out what year corresponds to a specific range of stardates and vice versa, without resorting to speculation, by citing any reference to real world dates.

Unknown characters project

In contrast to unknown performers, this project is to determine which unidentified characters were portrayed by identified performers.

Inactive and completed projects

Awards committee

This project was started to hopefully institute an awards system into Memory Alpha. Awards are to be suggested and Voted upon, and eventually award winners will be listed on this page.

CCG roster

This project is to create card lists for the Star Trek Customizable Card Game and link into Memory Alpha. If you are a collector of this game, please feel free to help out. View the completed lists for the format of the lists so that we can have some conformity. Thanks!

Episode duty roster

Initiated by Vedek Dukat, its goal is to make episode pages more complete, like adding short summaries where none exist.

Image title format compliance

Initiated by Aatrek, the goal is to move image titles to a standard format for easier linking and searching.

Layout committee

On this project page, possible additions and changes to the current site layout can be suggested and discussed. This includes changes to the central CSS file as well as attempts to standardize various parts such as message templates, tables etc.

Magazine and book duty roster

Progressing from the similar rosters for episodes, novels, and comics, this project is an attempt to catalog and create comprehensive articles for all authorized magazines, as well as obscure books (coloring books, Nitpicker's Guides, pop-up books, etc).

Novel duty roster

Started by Jaz, and inspired by the episode duty roster (see above), this page is dedicated to creating a correctly formatted page for every novel, and adding summaries and cover pictures.

Rank insignia files

Standardized description pages, citation formatting, and file names of images of rank insignia; expanded to address a number of in-article rank inconsistencies, and add on-screen source images to all user-created files. Completed May 2021.