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The Memory Alpha Reference Desk serves a similar function as a library's reference desk. If you have a specific question that you want answered by Memory Alpha, then post it below. (Please give the question a useful title, not something vague like "Need Help!".) Appropriate questions may concern the canonicity of certain facts, or requests for clarification concerning specific dialogue or actions, for example.

Please note that this is not a help page for problems with using Memory Alpha. Please see the FAQ and help pages for questions concerning the wiki, or post messages in Memory Alpha's Ten Forward.

If you can answer a question here, please keep the answer short. Just posting a link with a short explanation is often sufficient. If there is already a Memory Alpha article on the subject, post a link to that as well.

Please observe the following guidelines when posting new questions or replying to questions:

  1. Include a useful title for your question
  2. Sign entries with name and timestamp – use four tildes ("~~~~"), or click the signature icon ( Signature_button.png ) in the edit toolbar.
  3. To continue a conversation, use the "Reply" link in the thread header. Do not create multiple threads about the same subject.
  4. Issues concerning specific articles should be addressed on that article's talk page.

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