This page is for discussion for getting images from other contributors for Memory Alpha articles.

If you're not sure what a picture should be named, just enter a brief description, or link to a related article for ideas, or look at naming conventions.

You can also look for requested images by viewing Image:No_image_yet, and request images by linking there.

For comments on policies, other users, technology, and other miscellaneous concerns that are not directly related to posting images, use the Memory Alpha forum.

List of Pictures Requested

The following articles have had pictures requested; if you have such a picture, please upload it, add it to the article, remove it from the list, then show the world your good deed at: Memory Alpha:Fulfilled picture requests.

Add this page to your Watchlist if you enjoy making screen captures or you know how to draw and want to be notified of anything needing an image.

Other version of existing picure

  • Hirogen.jpg Could someone get a picture in there with a higher res? I can count the pixels in this version. Before I repaired it, someone had added this picture to Hirogen by using both thumb and 200px, creating a picture that reminded me of some cubistic artwork I saw the other day. -- Redge | Talk 15:39, 5 Sep 2004 (CEST)
    • done. --BlueMars 17:56, Sep 14, 2004 (CEST)


Portraits and Promotional Photos


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