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Below is a list of current restoration suggestions, ordered by their date of creation (oldest first). Please make sure you have read and understood Memory Alpha's restoration policy before adding to these discussions.

A digest version of the policy:

  • Pages listed here will be removed after approximately 5-7 days, if a consensus for any action has been reached.
  • Add the template {{restoration}} below the admin resolution on the archived page or file deletion discussion and follow the link on the notice.
  • On the discussion page, sign entries with name and timestamp – use four tildes (~~~~). Also, please remember to boldface (by surrounding text with '''three apostrophes''') your suggestion (agree, disagree, ...) for easy recognition.

Discussions: PagesFilesRestoration

Action required: Copyright infringements • Immediate deletions: PagesFiles

Policy & Maintenance: PolicyAdmin guidelinesLog • Archives: PagesFilesRestorations

For pages or files where there is no deletion discussion page, type the full page or file name in the appropriate box below and press the button.

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