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==Step Two==
==Step Two==
Complete a [[Wikia:Special:CreateWiki|wiki request form]] at Wikia. A new database will be created within a week.
Complete a [ wiki request form] at Wikia. A new database will be created within a week.
==Step Three==
==Step Three==

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Would you like to start an edition of Memory Alpha in your language? These basic steps are intended to provide an easy guide to setting up a localized wiki for Memory Alpha. There are four main stages to launching, that should take a total of between five and ten hours of work (depending on how fast a translator you are).

Step One

Translate the following pages:

These pages are the most essential in getting the basic framework of a new Memory Alpha wiki established.

Step Two

Complete a wiki request form at Wikia. A new database will be created within a week.

Step Three

Invite a few friends and online acquaintances (perhaps people you know from message boards or newsgroups) to help populate the initial pages of the new wiki. At this stage, the wiki is essentially functional, but it's mostly empty, and might be confusing to many visitors. You should now start translating other useful pages like these:

As with the original English edition, you may wish to copy some policies from your language's version Wikipedia — just be sure to provide the appropriate credit! The MediaWiki User's Guide is a good place to get the appropriate material outside of Memory Alpha itself.

Step Four

Add a link to the list of Memory Alpha language editions and read Internationalization to see what else needs to be done. Congratulations, your new edition is now ready for the public! Be sure to promote the new edition on appropriate message boards and mailing lists (but don't spam!).

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