Menk was the language used by the Menk, one of two humanoid species on Valakis.

Hoshi Sato was able to learn Menk without much trouble. As of 2151, however, Starfleet's universal translator was unable to translate the Menk language. (ENT: "Dear Doctor")

It is probable the Menk language was an offshoot of Valakian, or the other way around.

Established words Edit

Tik-tik : "Thank you"
Ra'sata : "Food"
Valakii : "(the) Valakians"
Nan dah: "You're welcome"

Established phrases Edit

Koh u'tah? : "What are you doing?"

Doctor e'satta prah ku... ku Valakii. : "The Doctor is looking inside of you."

Pah ku mano. N'da tom-ah. : "The soil here isn't good for planting."

Gol dach puu kani Valakii. H'rat ah tyba si ohno. : "The Valakians don't let us live where the land is fertile."

Menk a'kata y' Valakii. : "The Menk are treated well and/or protected by the Valakians."

Valakii fora t'let ra'sata kee, akem, pinj erana. : "The Valakians give us whatever we need: food, clothing, medicine."

Y'lyn parum ta see etta'j. : "We'd be happy to help."

Dialogue from Valakian hospital Edit

Larr was one of the Menk.

Larr: "Dak mul ahna."

Sato: I'm sorry. Could you say that again?

Larr: "Dak mul ahna. Kal ah ku dah. Dak mul ahna. Kal ah ku dah."

Sato: Captain, the UT can't translate his language.

Larr: "Dukat ah pra kee, Larr."

Dialogue from Menk village Edit

With Larr's assistance as an interpreter, Sato tells a group of Menk villagers that a Starfleet team consisting of Phlox and Cutler want to conduct some completely painless tests on the Menk, such as taking blood samples.

Sato: "Kuhl toh-bah."

Larr: "Kuhl pra toh-bah aren so l'tee."

Later, Sato and Larr talk to a Menk man, presumably asking him to submit to a test (a molecular bioscan) by holding his left arm out in front of him.

Sato to Larr: "Pra du matta."

Larr to the Menk man: "Pra ducat matta ku mam-pah."

Subsequently, Larr offers the three Starfleet officers some food, and Hoshi thereafter asks where the food came from.

Larr: "Neek. Ra'sata."

Sato: "Larr, ra'sata gol dach?"

In this phrase, the first two words after Sato says Larr's name were scripted to be "ku ra'sata," though only the latter of the two are voiced in the final version of the episode.
The Menk sentence "Neek, t'kat ah pah'lo." was scripted to be said by Sato to Larr, though isn't said in the episode's final edit.
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