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Menos was a 22nd century Vulcan operative who was surgically altered to lose his pointed ears and given a ridge on his face. He was assigned to infiltrate a cell of smugglers, but eventually became one himself. He smuggled dangerous biotoxins that were used to create transgenic weapons.

While working for the Ministry of Security, T'Pol was sent to apprehend seven rogue operatives and succeeded in capturing five of them. Menos and another rogue operative, Jossen, escaped. Several years later, she tracked them to the jungles of Risa, where she killed Jossen. Menos managed to escape again. Disturbed that she had taken a life, T'Pol undertook the fullara, a Vulcan technique used to suppress memories.

In 2152, while serving on Enterprise NX-01, the Vulcan High Command contacted her and informed her that Menos had surfaced again in the Pernaia system. She asked her commanding officer, Jonathan Archer, to help her apprehend him. T'Pol had unpleasant flashbacks of her attempts to arrest Menos on Risa.

After T'Pol apprehended Menos, he warned her that if she arrested him, he would be executed for a crime he didn't commit. Menos claimed that his body had been badly damaged by hauling used warp injector casings, and that he never dealt in illegal cargo. After they had captured Menos, T'Pol's memory of killing Jossen returned. Menos used this as an attempt to play on her sympathy. Menos claimed that Jossen was another innocent Vulcan who did not want to return home after a surveillance mission. A horrified T'Pol remembered shooting him. Menos asked whether she was willing to commit the same crime against him and undergo the same suffering.

With T'Pol's guard down, Menos managed to escape, and Archer, Travis Mayweather, and T'Pol chased him to his ship. He tried to escape again, but T'Pol ran after him with Archer following. T’Pol ordered Menos to stop with her phase pistol drawn but Menos told her she wasn’t going to kill another innocent man and slowly walked away. T’Pol, still second guessing her past actions and swayed by Menos’s claims of innocence, could not bring herself to fire. Unable to act, she called for Captain Archer to help. Archer reminded her that she was only sent to capture Menos, not judge him. Hearing this, T’Pol fired upon Menos stunning him. Later it was discovered that a hidden stash of the biotoxins was on his ship, so Menos was in fact guilty. (ENT: "The Seventh")


Background information[]

In the final draft script of "The Seventh", Menos was described as "A man in his 40's; although he's a Vulcan, his ears are not pointed, he has a slight ridge on his forehead, and his hair is not styled in the traditional Vulcan fashion."

Menos was played by Bruce Davison.

Boots worn by Bruce Davison in the role of Menos were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

It seems that Menos was working for or delivering cargo from the Axanar, as most of his ship's cargo containers had the Axanar written language on them, indicating their origin.

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