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Meribor was the daughter of Kamin and Eline and the sister of Batai.

She lived with her family in the village of Ressik on the planet Kataan. She, like her father, was intrigued with science and concerned about her world's dying soil. She became a scientist when she was an adult.

When she was young, she accompanied her father on his trips to the hills, collecting soil samples and gazing at the stars. She kept a log and made notes about the quality of the soil and came to the same conclusions as her father, that her planet was dying slowly.

She later married Dannick, a boy from the community who was very much in love with her and had a son, Kamie. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

The adult Meribor was played by Jennifer Nash.
The young Meribor was played by Amber Connally.

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