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Metaphasic shielding, remastered

The Enterprise utilizes metaphasic shielding

For the similarly named technology, please see metaphysic shield.

Metaphasic shielding was a form of subspace shielding technology based on metaphasic fields invented by Dr. Reyga, a Ferengi scientist, in 2369.

The metaphasic shield was capable of withstanding the pressure, radiation and energy of a star's corona. The technology was installed on the shuttlecraft Justman for a manned test flight. The prototype systems included the metaphasic projection matrix, an EPS flow regulator, a polarized field emitter coil and a radial force compensator. The shield was vulnerable to a phased ionic pulse beamed directly into the projection matrix. This resulted in a temporary system malfunction, a disruption of the metaphasic shield, during which a tetryon field would form inside the ship.

Reyga was murdered by the Takaran scientist Jo'Bril, who attempted to fake the failure of the technology during the test flight. Jo'Bril hoped to weaponize metaphasic technology for his race. Subsequently, Dr. Beverly Crusher successfully demonstrated the shield's effectiveness by piloting the Justman into the corona of the star Veytan. She also uncovered Jo'Brils plans. (TNG: "Suspicions")

Shortly after, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge developed the metaphasic shield program 1, an application of the metaphasic technology for use on the USS Enterprise-D. It involved a steady increase of the subspace compression factor of the shields, which corresponded in the decrease of the field distortion from 4,562 to 4,513 millicochranes, after which the metaphasic field was engaged. This program was stored in the databanks; however, it was not tested until 2370. In that year, the program had a successful test, when it allowed the Enterprise-D to lure a rogue Borg ship into a star's corona and destroy it with a solar flare. (TNG: "Descent, Part II")

The Mokra Order prison facility in the Delta Quadrant was protected by metaphasic shields. There was a periodic energy fluctuation in the shield. The USS Voyager was able to penetrate the shielding with radion beams. Transporter signals could be carried by the beams allowing beaming through the shield. (VOY: "Resistance")

At the turn of the 25th Century, metaphasic shielding was a key component of the navigational deflectors of the Federation's new Constitution III-class starships. (PIC: "The Next Generation")

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