Alternate Reality
(split 2233)
For the similarly named technology, please see metaphasic shield.

Metaphysic shield was a deflector shielding technology utilized by Starfleet in the 2250s in the alternate reality.

The Constitution-class was equipped with metaphysic shields in 2259 as a part of its defensive array. The shield strength of the ship was indicated by diburnium-osmium levels that gave the ship protection from threats, such as phaser and photon torpedo fire from enemy targets. Shielding of the ship was divided into bow and aft deflectors. (Star Trek Into Darkness, display graphic [1])

According to Mr. Scott's Guide to the Enterprise (p. 14), the deflector shields of the refit-Constitution-class starship in the prime universe were also utilizing a similar technology, while only the defense fields protecting the top decks were traditional force fields. The main shield grid was a massive replicator system, projecting an invisible hull layer, molecularly identical to the diburnium-osmium alloy used to build the Kalandan outpost seen in the episode TOS: "That Which Survives".
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