Meter(s) per second was a unit of velocity. By definition, an object traveling at such a speed would travel the distance of one meter in one second of time. Variations of this unit included, among others, meter per minute and kilometer per second.

This unit was also one of the factors in calculating the volumetric flow rate in units of cubic meters per second.

Comparative measures

This rate is equivalent to 1/3 meter per second.
  • 100 meters per second was equal to 1 kilometer per second.
  • When the crew of the Enterprise-D tried to restore the orbit of Bre'el IV's moon, it was calculated that they would need to produce a delta-vee of 4 kilometers per second to be successful. He noted the improbability of the feat, comparing it to "an ant pushing a tricycle." (TNG: "Deja Q")
The speed of light was equal to 299,792.458 kilometers per second.
While no warp factor was given, the velocity mentioned here is equal to 6671 times the speed of light.

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