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Michael E. Goldman (born 21 February 1963; age 56) was an art director on Star Trek Into Darkness.

Goldman's work on 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness earned him an ADG Excellence in Production Design Award nomination in 2014 in the category Fantasy Film which he shared with Scott Chambliss, Ramsey Avery, James Clyne, Lauren Polizzi, Kasra Farahani, Harry E. Otto, Andrew E.W. Murdock, Jason Baldwin Stewart, Natasha Gerasimova, Steve Christensen, Andrea Dopaso, John Eaves, Nathan Schroeder, Ryan Church, Christopher Ross, Victor Martinez, Steven Messing, Karl Strahlendorf, John Chichester, Tex Kadonaga, Kevin Cross, Andrew Reeder, Anne Porter, Jane Wuu, Richard F. Mays, Allen Coulter, Karl Martin, Scott Schneider, Lorrie Campbell, Easton Smith, Tammy Lee, Tim Croshaw, Clint Schultz, and Karen Manthey.

In 2010, Goldman worked on Iron Man 2 (executive produced by Stan Lee and set design by Kevin Cross). Two years later, he worked on The Amazing Spider-Man (executive produced by Stan Lee, music by James Horner, and art direction by William Ladd Skinner).

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