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=== Filmography ===
=== Filmography ===
* ''Scrooged''; 1988, with [[Alfre Woodard]] and [[John Glover]]
* ''Scrooged'' (1988), with [[Alfre Woodard]] and [[John Glover]]
* ''Tango & Cash'' 1989 with [[Marc Alaimo]], [[Roy Brocksmith]], [[Teri Hatcher]], [[Clint Howard]], [[Glenn Morshower]] and [[Phil Rubenstein]].
* ''Tango & Cash'' (1989), with [[Marc Alaimo]], [[Roy Brocksmith]], [[Teri Hatcher]], [[Clint Howard]], [[Glenn Morshower]] and [[Phil Rubenstein]]
* ''Superboy'' (television episodes titled ''Meet Mr. Mxyzptlk'' and ''Mr. and Mrs. Superboy''); 1989, with [[Sherman Howard]]
* ''Superboy'' (television episodes titled "''Meet Mr. Mxyzptlk''" and "''Mr. and Mrs. Superboy''") (1989), with [[Sherman Howard]]
* ''Merchants of Venus'' (aka ''A Dirty Little Business''; 1998, with [[Robert Easton]], [[Charles Dierkop]] and [[Helen Cates]])
* ''Merchants of Venus'' (aka ''A Dirty Little Business'') (1998), with [[Robert Easton]], [[Charles Dierkop]] and [[Helen Cates]]
* ''House of 1,000 Corpses'' 2003 with [[Sid Haig]]
* ''House of 1,000 Corpses'' (2003), with [[Sid Haig]]
== External link ==
== External link ==

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Jahn Jahn

Michael J. Pollard (born 30 May 1939; age 80) is the actor who played Jahn in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Miri".

Pollard has been acting since 1958. A character actor, he has accumulated almost a hundred appearances in movies and television series since then. He was 27 at the time he portrayed Jahn, a teenage character, but his baby-faced looks won him the role.

In 1967, Pollard earned an Academy Award nomination as Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role of C.W. Moss in the film Bonnie and Clyde. He also earned two Golden Globe nominations for that role, one for Best Supporting Actor and one for Most Promising Newcomer. In addition, his performance in Bonnie and Clyde won Pollard a BAFTA Award as Most Promising Newcomer to Leading Film Roles.


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