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Michael McAdam (born 10 November 1970; age 51) is an actor, dancer, and filmmaker who appeared as a Son'a in Star Trek: Insurrection. Three years later he started as a recurring background performer, a command division crewman, on Star Trek: Enterprise. McAdam received no credit for his appearances. A uniform with his name tag was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay and was also worn by stuntman Tom Morga in the episode "First Flight". [1]

Born in Sacramento, California, he trained acting and voice performance at the SAG Conservatory and under coaches such as Elaine Deathrage and Bonnie Smith. As a trained ballroom dancer for over fourteen years, he won numerous awards and worked also as a dance teacher for the BYU Ballroom Dance Company. A skilled stand-up comedian and stage actor, he portrayed supporting and lead characters in dozens of plays such as "Little Shop of Horrors", West Side Story", "Corpus Christi", "Annie", and "Once Upon a Mattress".

On television he had featured parts in the series Just Shoot Me and David E. Kelley's The Practice. His film performance includes the drama Dance with Me (1998, starring Vanessa Williams and with Harry Groener and Mike Gomez), the war drama The Thin Red Line (1998, with Simon Billig, Michael McGrady, and John Savage), the action comedy Inspector Gadget (1999, with Andy Dick, Rene Auberjonois, Richard Penn, Brian George, Brad Blaisdell, and Johnny Martin), the mystery film The Groom (2000), the drama The Jolly Man (2001) and the comedy The Haunted Mansion (2003, with Wallace Shawn, Rachael Harris, and Derek Mears).

Further acting work includes the short comedy Accidentally in Love (2009), the short drama Morning Glory (2009), the science fiction film Dark Rising 2: Summer Strikes Back! (2011), the drama Rehearsal (2011), the short comedy The Bigger, the Lower, the Sucker, the Better Tomorrow (2011), the drama Picture Day (2012), episodes of Mr. Deity (2012, with Amy Rohren) and Craigslist Counselors (2012), the short drama Proverbia (2013), and the short drama Taken for Granted (2013).

In 2014, McAdam wrote, directed, produced, and starred in the short science fiction film Venom. He also produced the short drama Voices Keri (2013) and the short comedy Glory on High (2013).

More recently, he appeared in the short fanmtasy film Death of Seth (2015) and in the short drama Jacob's Honor (2016).

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