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Michael McMaster (16 June 19536 September 1978; age 25) was the author of several well-known Star Trek blueprint sets. He published under the name of Galactic Designs and Productions. His USS Enterprise Bridge Blueprints are regarded as the most accurate blueprints of the original series bridge set. McMaster also built a full-size replica of the Enterprise bridge, which allegedly even fooled Gene Roddenberry when he saw photographs of it.

McMaster died in an accident in 1978. At the time of his death, McMaster was working on the Star Trek Maps.


  • Klingon D7 Class Battlecruiser Blueprints, 1975
  • USS Enterprise Bridge Blueprints, 1976 (a revised edition was published in 1978)
  • Romulan "Bird of Prey" Cruiser Blueprints, 1977
  • Major Deep Space Craft (Project Chief / Artist), 1978
  • Star Trek Maps (credited as Technical Direction / Concept Artist), 1980