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Michael Michaelian wrote the story and the first draft teleplay of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Too Short a Season". He is the ex-husband of Katharyn Powers, who wrote TNG's "Code of Honor" and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's "Past Prologue".

Michaelian and Powers (then known as Katharyn Michaelian) have written several television episodes together, including four episodes of the 1970s ABC series Kung Fu, starring David Carradine and Keye Luke. One episode they wrote, "The Brujo", featured Henry Darrow. They also wrote two aired episodes of NBC's Petrocelli, starring Susan Howard and David Huddleston. One episode was directed by Herb Wallerstein and featured Warren Stevens and Kenneth Tobey.

Additionally, Michaelian and Powers co-wrote the 1975 ABC Movie of the Week The Deadly Are Missing, directed by Don McDougall and starring Leonard Nimoy. They later wrote for the short-lived NBC western series The Quest (featuring Gary Lockwood and John Rubinstein), for which they won the 1977 Spur Award for Best TV Script from Western Writers of America. They later wrote the "Vortex" episode of NBC's The Fantastic Voyage which also featured Susan Howard in addition to Jason Evers and regular Ike Eisenmann.

On his own, Michaelian wrote an episode of the CBS series Barnaby Jones entitled "The Reincarnation". In addition to regular Lee Meriwether, the episode featured DS9 actress Salome Jens and TNG guest star John McLiam. He also wrote an episode of The Amazing Spider-Man featuring Paul Carr and Michael Pataki and directed by Don McDougall.

In addition, Michaelian co-wrote two episodes of Charlie's Angels, including one guest-starring Rene Auberjonois, Ed Begley, Jr., and Nicholas Worth, which he wrote with John Whelpley. He also co-wrote an episode and directed another episode of Ricardo Montalban's series, Fantasy Island, and has co-written several episodes of The Dukes of Hazzard, including an episode featuring James Avery and Morgan Woodward.

Michaelian more recently co-wrote the teleplay for the 1992 movie Miracle in the Wilderness, starring Kim Cattrall. His last known writing credit is the 1995 television movie Black Fox: Good Men and Bad, starring Tony Todd.

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