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Michael Rider (born 5 April 1952; age 69) is an actor who appeared as a transporter chief in four episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. One as a security guard. His scene from the episode "The Naked Now" was cut from the aired episode.

Rider's acting debut was a guest shot in 1983 on The A-Team starring Melinda Culea and Dwight Schultz in "Water, Water Everywhere" with William Frankfather. In 1984 Rider appeared on Simon & Simon in "Yes, Virginia, There is a Liberace" with Tony Epper and Louis Giambalvo. In 1985 he got work on T.J. Hooker starring James Darren and William Shatner in the title role in "The Throwaway" with Caroline Lagerfelt. In 1986, Rider guested on Remington Steele in "Suburban Steele" with Michael Durrell and Noble Willingham. That same year, Rider reteamed with Tony Epper on MacGyver in "Three for the Road". 1987 saw Rider on the Southern legal series Matlock in "The Country Boy" with Eric Menyuk. Rider's only other recurring work was on Otherworld starring Jonathan Banks. Both of Rider's episodes aired in 1986. First was "Rules of Attraction" with Ray Walston and "Village of the Motorpigs" with Estee Chandler and Vincent Schiavelli.

Rider's film debut was in the 1988 comedy 18 Again alongside Earl Boen, Miriam Flynn and Kenneth Tigar. In 1989, Rider found himself with many Trek alumni when he was cast in the drama Roadhouse with Anthony De Longis, Chris Latta, Tiny Ron, Patricia Tallman and Marshall R. Teague. Rider was seen in the 1991 telefilm Seeds of Tragedy with Conor O'Farrell and Tom Virtue.

Over a decade later, Rider worked again with O'Farrell in the 2009 western The Hunter's Moon with Stefan Gierasch joining them. He also appeared in the 2013 How I Met Your Mother episode "Knight Vision".

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